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Spring grow: Questions about transplanting outside

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Hi Everyone-

Be patient with me as I am a new grower to cannabis. Long story short, I came upon some unknown seeds. I enjoy gardening so I said screw it, lets see if these buggers grow. Well they did, and now I'm not sure what to do with them. They germinated on 12/21/18. They came from a bag of GSC, so I know they're not ideal specimens but I plan to grow later this year and wanted to experiment a little with soil, nutrients, environment etc. Now of course after sprouting these seeds, I want to see what I can harvest. I have five plants that are currently indoors on a 18/6 cycle. They are under CFLs that I use for seed starting veggies only. So flowering indoors won't be possible. I live in USDA zone 9b in northern CA, so I'm hoping I can move them outside soon. My biggest question is about the sunlight hours. For my location, daylight lasts about 9.5 hrs for this time of year. Is there a big negative impact on the plant if they aren't getting a full 12 hours? I was thinking of maybe moving them outdoors Feb 1st, when it will be around 10ish hours of light. After March 16th, daylight hours exceed 12. So I assume I have to harvest before then? Any words of wisdom is greatly appreciated.

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Issue will be if they start getting 13+ hrs of light they will start to reveg

If there is no chance of frost, which pretty sure there is, I'd think about getting a decent but cheap grow light and flip them to 12/12 inside

I know in Portland grow season started outside around late March and yer about the same season

Now if u wait till March, they would grow till like September and be trees....lol

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:welcome: to the forum.

If the seeds are auto flowering you should be fine. If they are photo period plants, putting them outside will trigger flowering before the plant reaches its full growth, or flowering will be delayed until late summer.