Sqwheels' Garden - Bonsai Style

Hi Folks :ciao: I've been sayin' it, here it is...

New Journal, New Nutes, and New Plants

Sqwheels’ Garden… Powered by Blue Planet Nutrients (BPN)

from clone, breeder unknown - Wonder Woman
World of Seeds - Northern Lights x Big Bud
DinaFem - Blue Widow
Nirvana’s - Aurora Indica & White Rhino
G13Labs - Blueberry Gum

I love all the feedback and good vibes this community brings to my life. And I love growing and journaling, so here we grow again.

If you followed my previous journal you may know/remember most of this but for any newcomers here a quick overview of my setup.

For grow mix I use perlite/vermiculite @ 3:1 ratio, in square pots with holes in the bottom in various sizes from 4-7”, using run to waste style feeding/watering.

For now, I’ll be using my flower room to veg, it’s a closet approx. 4x4’, once I flip these girls to 12/12, I’ll be back to using the little 2x4’ closet, which currently has clones and seedlings.

For lights in the big room, I’m using four 23w cfl’s, 2- Natural Light 5000K and 2- Soft White 2700K set in 2 - 10” round reflectors. I used a Y adapter so each reflector would hold 2 lights, one of each. My light schedule is 12/1 or GLR, the gas lantern routine, same goes for the clone/seedling room with only two cfl’s.

For feed I’ll be using Blue Planet Nutrients 3 part Elite + Liquid Blue and an occasional dose of Black Strap molasses for extra K

I’ve been growing a Wonder Woman, bonsai style, for about six months now, and in April I popped a Blue Widow and a Northern Lights x Big Bud, these are getting the LST-(low stress training) treatment, and just a few days back I popped these three Aurora Indica, White Rhino, and Blueberry Gum.

Let the fun begin…

A few pics from the last couple weeks, we’ll start with the seedlings…I used the papertowel method on the cable box to pop these but I wasn’t able to get back to them in my normal 24 hrs…unexpected company and other stuff kept me from them 2+ days…when I opened the papertowels the tap roots were long, BG about 1”, WR about ¾” and the AI was over 1” and all curled up in an “S” shape. As carefully as possible I planted them into cubes and put them into yogurt cups with hempy mix, I planted the AI on it’s side hoping for the best. To my surprise they have all done just fine…they are almost 2 weeks old now

Aurora Indica...planted on her side. I plugged that hole with a piece of cube I ripped off the side just so the root wouldn't be exposed

they all had their shell and the "skin" inside that (sorry, I don't know the technical term) stuck to them...


I used a wet paper towel and dripped a single drop of water onto that "skin" let it moisten up for a few minutes...then rub the paper towel against it and it slipped right off. I've used this method several times with no damage that I can tell.

You can just see the drop of water clinging to her, I waited about 10 minutes...

I barely brushed it with the paper towel and it came right off and the first leaves sprang open, and you can see the next leaf set already growing...I know people say NOT to "help" the seed cap off but IMO if I hadn't I think it would have deformed the plant


Blue Widow and Northern Lights x Big Bud…I tried to LST these girls but I’ve done a pretty pore job I’m afraid. They have really stiff stalks that don’t submit to bending easily, I’ve broken NLxBB twice already, they’ll need repotting soon, maybe when I get them into bigger pots I can try to tie them down better, I may end up trimming them up and treating them like a bonsai…that type of plant seems to be my best producer so far

And this is the Wonder Woman that’s been growing since Dec. She’s becoming a little unruly. I’ve clipped her so many times that her inner branches are loaded with nodes…I think if I can keep her happy until fall she’ll produce in excess.


These pictures don't really show it but I could tell (my eye is much better these days)... they were showing signs of nute/pH imbalance of some kind...in my last journal I said I thought my GH nutes were getting old, and posted several pics of dead/dying leaves from I think a P def/lockout,something. Those nutes seemed a little thicker than in the beginning...anyway, I've been using BPN for a while and as of yesterday I can confidently say they look happier...:phew:

A special shoutout to Corey and Blue Planet Nutes...:thanks: for all your help in the past couple weeks...All the girls look much, much better.

Ok, this is a start...I'll do an update with more recent photos soon. The seedlings grow soo fast, and the LST has been ditched...

Let the :party:begin



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Yes! :yahoo:Front row seat!

re: Sqwheels' Garden - Bonsai Style

Hi Vape,

First in... :welcome: nice to have you here. Gonna be just vegging for the summer months, I'm trying to hone my bonsai skills, thanks again btw for the inspiration. I love bonsai!!!

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sitting in on this one:popcorn:
re: Sqwheels' Garden - Bonsai Style

Hi Vape,

First in... :welcome: nice to have you here. Gonna be just vegging for the summer months, I'm trying to hone my bonsai skills, thanks again btw for the inspiration. I love bonsai!!!


Me too...not worth battling the heat! The weather has been a bit crazy around here...four days ago we almost hit 100º...right not it's 62º outside...WTF?! Oh well, I'm about to harvest, and then I'll just tend to the moms until I'm in the new room.

Bonsais rock! Speaking of which...it looks like it's going to be close over in POTM, but I knew you had a contender! :goodluck: I'll be pulling for you!

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I got caught up just in time to make it in early for your new journal! :thumb:
You're off to a great start and nice technique on removing the seed casing from the seedling! +REPS
Goodluck on POTM :goodluck:
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So happy to have you along for the ride...like I said to Vape, it'll probably be pretty boring for the summer...nothing flowering til around Sept.


I'm already happy with the BPN...my girls have improved a lot since I started using them like Corey said to. Very simple.


This WW bonsai I've been growing since Dec is really full of what will be bud sites, I got a feeling she'll produce more than the last one.


Ya, I said the same thing after last summers battles...I hope vegging plants don't suffer too much from the summer heat, it's gonna be 100 here tomorrow, and it's only June...makes me afraid of what Aug/Sep will be like.

Yep I agree 420%--Bonsai rocks! I haven't been into the POTM thread in several days...I was so surprised to see her ahead the last time I was there...I didn't want to jynx it. Thanks again for encouraging me to enter. A nice boost in my confidence.


Yep it's early...and there won't be a lot going on in here for a while so it'll move slowly I'm sure (not like OMM, who's journal grows pages by the hour) :) I don't know how he keeps up. Thanks for the reps and the luck in potm. Much appreciated.

I've been smoking PE for a week, the one from April...the only bad thing I can say about her is...she'll be gone way too quick!

It's so nice to have y'all along...I'll upload some new pics in a bit...gotta catch up on journals for a while...see ya soon

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So nice to have you along, I am very happy with the results so far. The big girls all look happy and healthy...the seedlings are struggling tho, could be transplant shock...Update and pics in a few

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You were absolutely right, I'd recommend her to anybody...I'm sorry I didn't try harder to keep the mom alive, but I have a few more...I'll try her again in the future

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subbed, trans shok? got any superthrive or b1? might help, you doing a blueberry gum i see love it got 3 in flower, a mom and lots of clones, great strain loves abuse except for being a lil picky about ph and can nute burn fairly easy ph she like 5.5-5.7 and 1/2-3/4 strength nutes in my world at least, the old mum will be a hoot to see flower, im tempted to flower my bb gum mum cuz of all the nodes n sites, and just start a new mommy from a new clone, i love the bonsai too:thumb:
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Hello and :welcome: to my journal...I've seen you around the forums, it's so nice to have you here.

No I don't have any of the things you mentioned...I'll just give them a little time, I'm sure they'll recover. I've been using BPN for a while now and the girls seem to really like it...they just need some time to get used to their new homes. I'll keep an eye on the BBG, thanks for the heads up on that. Ya, I love the bonsai...it's the perfect size for me. I know what you mean about all the node sites, my WW is completely covered. You should flower yours, I'd love to see it.

Thanks for subbing...don't be shy, I like a lot of feedback and ideas...I'm still learning and appreciate the input.

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Hi nice mother. ww is a nice strain from nirvana and ive grown it with success several times. will just tag along and watch from that back bench ;)

Without hijacking ur thread i tried bonzaiing a flying dutchman pure mother and had all kinds of troubles but mainly due to pests, she looks like this.....


still does me well for cuttings but she busy recovering from a peroxide overdose at min!

Good luck on ur journal
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Hi Cultivator,

Nice to see you again...No back benchs here, all around seating... it's always nice to hear another growers success.

I love Wonder Woman...she's the most forgiving plant I've grown so far, and she'll grow any way you want...great big bushes, single cola's in 2L, and as a bonsai--what's not to like.

What's with the peroxide overdose?
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Hi Folks :ciao:

Still trying to get an update in today, this is my second attempt...I somehow lost the first.

For the last couple of weeks I haven't posted much because other projects here at home have kept my online time to a minimum...but I have been taking pictures along the way, so here's what's happened

NLxBB was potted up to 6" and trimmed and tied...I've decided to ditch the LST, I was doing a very poor job at it so I've reverted to bonsai...I'll trim the tips and that will force the tiny inside nodes to grow out...it's been a few days and I can actually see the difference already



I topped BW and her smaller nodes exploded with growth
before topping

after...all this little stuff was barely anything a week ago

Today I transplanted Wonder Woman to a 7" pot, she'll be in that until flower I think. Sorry no pics

and the seedlings also get a new home...4" ers

before, they had been in yogurt cups for lack of anything else for a couple weeks

I really had to tease the roots out to prevent any damage


I should mention the 2 on the left...they are Wonder Woman in prep for bonsai.

I've been rooting clones in plain water for a while now...here's a couple of shots of the latest... just so everybody knows...you don't HAVE to buy all that stuff for cloning.

This is how I do it...clip a piece with 5-6 nodes, strip the lowest leaves off, and stick it in ro/tap water...no clonex, no cubes, no domes, they sit in the veg room far away from the light...I add water as needed to keep the lowest nodes wet. That's it!

here we have some WW and NLxBB and the BW top I cut (this is the first time I've tried to clone a top using this method) it was a little stiff/woody, I don't know if it will do as well as all the others

these are WW--- a gift for a friend, he didn't believe me

this is 3 weeks, so far this has worked every time

It takes about 15-16 days to see any little hairs, but once they pop, they grow very quickly. I think if I left these much longer they would start to suffer for the need of nutes, so I usually plant them at this stage...don't know what would happen if I left them longer.

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Hopefully I will be back to posting regular Monday updates next week...have a great w/e all


re: Sqwheels' Garden - Bonsai Style

This is how I do it...clip a piece with 5-6 nodes, strip the lowest leaves off, and stick it in ro/tap water...no clonex, no cubes, no domes, they sit in the veg room far away from the light...I add water as needed to keep the lowest nodes wet. That's it!


I am all for simplicity ... I am going to try this, Thank you
re: Sqwheels' Garden - Bonsai Style


I am all for simplicity ... I am going to try this, Thank you

Just remember, the roots develop differently depending on the medium your in...since she's a hydro grower the water works well. If you grow in soil, I think you'd do a little better rooting directly in soil...it just makes for a slightly easier transition.

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