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SSDP HEA Week of Action

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Start: 2007/10/15 - 9:00am
End: 2007/10/19 - 5:00pm

Within the next few months, the US House of Representatives will decide whether or not to continue denying financial aid to students with drug convictions. This is our chance to take this awful law off the books once and for all. We're being counted on by nearly 200,000 students who have been affected by the law, and by countless more who will be affected if we don't repeal it.

That's why it's essential that every SSDP chapter band together and participate in the HEA Week of Action on October 15-19.

Prior to the Week of Action, SSDP's national staff will send postcards and phone scripts that you can use to generate written communication and phone calls to Congress. But if you're feeling creative, we'd love for you to do something exciting to generate media around the issue.

Visit http://www.ssdp.org/weekofaction for further information.
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