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Staggered planting vs. all at once?

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High everyone!,
I'm a first timer growing for self-pleasure :) I'm ordering some seeds this week and decided to go with auto-flowering as from reading it seems like I'll have the best chance of success as a noobie. My question for you pros is: Should I plant one or two seeds at a time with a gap between plantings, or, plant all of them at once and store in mason jars if I'm lucky enough to have a good harvest? Thanks!
Since your a noob I would start with 2 bearing you have ample light , and room to support 2. Then try a little more each time till you get to know your girls. I started with 2 in case something went wrong with the 1st one now I do 4 cause that still gives me plenty of light to play with, and I grow my girls to be just over 4' when done stretching.
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Kola320, Thanks. Space is not an issue, I have an entire room to use. Lighting... I'm planning to use several CFL's with the clamp on aluminum reflectors. I thought I'd attach them to a 2X2 with chains to the ceiling so they can be adjusted as needed. I just have no idea how much I'll get or how much I'll use??? When I say I'm new.. I mean new to all of it...smoked a little in the late 60's and early 70's but not much since then because of a career that tested. Now I'm retired. YAY!! :)
Auto's can be temperamental, I have some fast an vast good indica smoke one plant yielded 4 oz dry and the other one just crapped out on me.made it threw the grow but was like it just stopped budding . What Autos are you running ? What's your grow style hydro , dirt, as far as being new we all have stuff to learn yet. I grow mine when I veg a photo plant for longer I'll veg a couple plants out for 8 weeks and grow my autos till I send my photos into flower it's all preference. Not hard at all my wife use to think she had a green thumb till I took up my hobby LOL
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Cream of The Crop Cash Crop or maybe Northern Lights, both from Herbies are what I was thinking about ordering. I'll be using soil in 3 and 5 gallon containers.
You will definitely want to stagger. Even if nothing goes wrong, and you do everything right, it lets you have a lot of interaction with the plants, as while you're starting 2 seeds, you're also putting 2 from seeding to vegging, then 2 from veg to flower, then 2 to harvest, and then 2 to cure and enjoy.
Well, you're usually working on like 1-2 weeks on a seed, or 1-2 weeks on a clone to be ready to totally veg. Then, usually at least 3 weeks of veg, then 3 weeks of flower, and 2 weeks of dry and cure. So, the more you can stage, the more you have room to learn and apply it down the chain, and see a constant level of improvement. On my own first grow, and there's times I stand there and want to do something, but know better than to do anything. But, once you've gotten the stages going, you'll find you'll always have something you can do.