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Stan’s Second Grow, Bruce Banner & Sour Diesel


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Hello everyone! Stan here with another grow in progress. Last year I grew some sour diesel and had an excellent time with my first grow. Link here: Grow Journal
This time around I decided to try some Bruce banner #3 along with some more sour diesel. Seeds from ILGM, who were more than generous when I attempted to pop my remaining three seeds from last years purchase and had no luck, they sent 5 replacements free of charge! Rather than just two plants this year I am doing 4 indoor, and 6 outdoor. All are currently in the tent vegging, and I plan to move 3 of each plant outside, while leaving two of each inside. I will get some pictures up soon just wanted to say hi to everyone! Glad to be back in this process again.


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So on 6/4 after 28 hours of soaking I had almost all seeds pop and show tails, I promptly planted them in some pre-soaked soil. I did the same mix as last time, 50% happy frog, 20% ocean forest and 30% perlite. I misted them every morning and night, and had my first two sprouts after 2 days. The rest followed shortly. Continued misting through day 10 then switched to full watering once every three or four days. Now that they are getting bigger they are drying a little quicker so I’ll likely water more often, and I will likely transplant soon to 3 gal smart pots. Last year I jumped the gun and could have waited longer so I’m trying to be patient. I’ve had them under the same cfls, 6 of the 23w bulbs, I’m thinking it’s time to switch to the 600w MH as I did a little earlier last year and they seemed very happy with it.
I did have a question for anyone that’s using fox farms soil. I didn’t start feeding anything until a couple weeks after my first transplant, and down the road I started getting some copper spotting and brown/yellow leaf tips which I’m still not sure if it was a ph issue or cal/mag deficiency. When I checked ph runoff last year it was high, 6.4 going in and 7.3 out which I did correct. Also added cal mag to my feedings. I am getting some spotting again a little sooner this time around, should I start cal mag right away? See pictures for reference. One plant is really affected on the first leaf set while others are ok, and a couple show spotting. Also I had reed that fox farms big bloom isn’t really a nutrient so much as microorganisms to help plants grow, does anyone start big bloom ahead of other nutrients while waiting for the soil to get used up? I’m trying to learn from last year and improve on the process, any advice greatly appreciated! Here are some pics of the girls:






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Last night it was time to water again, and I decided to feed a little big bloom along with cal mag to see if it would help stop the spread of these spots. They aren’t drinking much in these solo cups, only about 4 cups worth between 5 plants. I mixed 1/8 tsp of each into 2 cups (equivalent of 2tsp/gal) and tested runoff ph, almost all were 6.2 ph going in, runoff at 6.5 so I don’t think I have any ph issues going on though the soil could be just slightly on the high end. I’ll likely be transplanting tonight or tomorrow depending on my work schedule. I’m thinking the roots could use some more breathing room by now.


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So tonight I transplanted all my girls and I’m glad I did. Probably could have gone a little earlier but I’m not sure it matters much. Root balls were a little tight, worked them out gently and tucked them into new homes. Thought I had all 3 gallon smart pots for them to live in but a few had to go into 1 gallon. Last time my final transplant was into 5 gallon but I think where I won’t let these veg as long I’m hoping they should be fine in the 3 gallon pots.
A couple had some brown looking roots, I’m guessing from where water hadn't drained from the solo cups in spots. The worst one also has some strange brown coloring on the lower leaf set and was droopy compared to the others. Not sure what to make of it, but they should be much happier now. I watered them to bed then all in and turned on the 600w mh light (after realizing I still had my hps in there, whoops). I’ll likely top them in a few days after they settle in a little.







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I brought 6 of the plants outside today for a few hours to start hardening them off. In a few days I will leave them outside full time. I’m hoping the change in light won’t cause any issues (18 hours of light down to 14.5). I may take the ones I’m putting outside out of the tent an hour early to get them a little more used to less light in hopes of a smooth transition.
The plant with the worst brown spots on the lower leaf sets looks worse today, second leaf set up is getting some yellow and brown tips. From what I’ve read it is likely due to the wet/brown roots it had before transplant. Other signs point to a phosphorus deficiency. I’m going to monitor for a few days and see how it progresses. Not sure if I should start a light feeding dose soon. Last year the waited until a couple weeks after transplant but they started showing deficiencies, so I’m thinking o starting earlier this year. Probably a 1/4 dose at first.


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Looking through my notes from last year I’m right in schedule for topping my girls. They are just getting their fifth nodes up enough for a clean cut so I’ll be doing that tonight. I waited to start any nutrients last year until a couple weeks after transplanting, and about 5 weeks after they first sprouted, but did have some lime colored leaves and feeding seemed to help that a bit so this year I’ll definitely be starting earlier. Already gave them a little of the big bloom last watering before transplant, so when I water next, either tonight or tomorrow, I’ll add in some grow big as well. They are growing so quickly and I’m really excited to start lst and widening them out to fill up the tent!


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Hello there! I’ll come along for the ride if you don’t mind. Looks like things are moving along well. I think you transplanted in the nick of time. That looks like a bit of root rot, they should love their new homes . Good job so far and I look forward to the journey!
Thanks 420budzfreak and welcome, I was thinking it was likely a little root rot myself. Hoping it turns around. In the future if that happens should I remove those roots? New growth is looking fine, the brown has crept up to the next leaf nodes a little bit.





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Letting them get right dry will help solve that root rot issue in the future. Like you said, it’s from undrained water pooling up. When you transplant and see that, you can clip the dead/rotted roots off. I’d actually recommend it. It’ll help stop the rot and promote new healthy roots. What happens to the roots happens to the green as well. I wouldn’t spend to much time worrying about it. Just go from here and I’m sure they’ll be happy now :) :)


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I’ve been a bit busy (and sick :confused:) to update, but I did end up topping all of my girls and moved 6 of them outside. I was a little worried about the transition outside due to light schedules changing but they have been very happy. My inside girls seem to be as well. Ramped up feeding to full doses of big bloom and grow big, 6tsp and 2tsp per gallon and they are eating it up. Pretty soon I’ll start some lst work on them and start spreading them out for the scrog net. I’ve noticed the fan leaves seem much larger this time around. I wonder if it’s because I topped them later, or started nutrients earlier?





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Was away on vacation for a few days, came back to some very happy plants. Got some lst started on them. I did a couple like I did last year and bent them over, to let the lower nodes come up and fill in. I had read about a technique in which you lay the topped halves over in opposite directions so I’m trying that with the other two plants to compare methods. I think either way it seems I won’t have a shortage of options to fill up the scrog net.
Here’s a pic of what I came home to:


And here’s the start of lst. If you’re going to bend them right over be sure to anchor the bottom first!





My node spacing hasn’t been as tight as it was last year, despite having the light even closer. I’m using the same bulb, and I’m aware that they lose vigor so maybe that’s what’s happening, though I have heard a lot of people will run two grows with the same bulb. I’m not too worried about it, just something to observe. Will be giving them a heavy dose of nutrients tonight and watch them explode some more!
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