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I've been treating a small Jellium plant with colloidal silver for about 20 days hoping to make some S1 seeds. Something caught my eye this morning when I was watering her so I took the plant out for a closer look. I think I have boy parts starting to form. Hopefully they'll form fully and have viable pollen.
now if its viable so far I reversed one female plant and it got balls and there was pollen but it wasn't viable I had a fan behind the male blowing that all over it no good ill keep trying!


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I have only reversed plants using colloidal silver. You probably just caught a bad break that time. The CS I use is $25.00 for a 16 ounce bottle of 50ppm and that includes shipping. I brush it on which is a LOT more economical then spraying it on. I think I've reversed about 10 plants with the same bottle.

From what I understand using the CS is more labor intensive then using the STS. Maybe @Pennywise can give you an idea of how much and how often you have to apply the STS for success.


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I start a few days before flip and spray daily for the first week then every 3 days until I see pollen. That’s with STS.
that's basically how I did it I didn't have a good scale to weigh out the ingredients I was only able to come close so that may have done something I ni when your mixing chemicals you want to be precise I have heard of other people having the same problem as me!
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