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Stanky's 2oo7 grow fest


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No pictures as of yet, and i don't plan to take any until the plants are in their final resting stop. as of right now tho i have 13 plants that are 4 to 6 nodes in growth but due to that fact that i had to hide them among other plants for their first weeks of life they have stretched to 15+ inches tall.

I'm curious as to whether this is going to hinder production at the end.

They will end up out in a open field with full sun for the last months of life so im hoping that i can still get some good growth out of them.

I'm usually really good with not letting the plants get leggy like this but there is a first time for everything and the conditions did not permit me to give them the full sun as needed.

Cant wait to get some action shots up, give me a week or so.


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sounds like they doing fine to me, little stretch is will just make them bigger itll fill up =)

hope you have good luck with the grow!:51::headbang:


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thanks there janja. For a little over a week ive had the plants in full sun from about 1030am or so till dusk. What an improvement i must say. The stems have strengthened up a lot and the nodes are not stretching at all anymore. I think they should be ready for the finally planting in a day or two. Before i put them out there ill get some photos up of what i got. I have 14 live plants right now, so this will dwarf any previous outdoor grow ive done. hopefully i can get at least 4-5 mature females at the end of the year!


edit: That 14th plant i have, i lost it in my perennial garden when it was young, the other day i'm weeding the garden out and poof! I find this 2 and half foot plant starting to poke its head up out of my black eyed Susie patch. pretty cool


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Alright been a while since i have harvested this and ive run thru most of the 3 zps i got, which was off two two healthy plants. the rest i lost to mold. Finally found some time to take some photos and post, been a hell of a year for work this summer.

hope you like, i sure did :bong:






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Man nice buds! You must not have ditch weed around you growing to pollenize the buds? I want to do one but it will have that issue!
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