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Start Seedlings straight in Happy Frog Soil?


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I've gotta question currently I'm growing a plant(bag seed) about 2 weeks, looking pretty good so far(first MJ grow BTW). I germinated this seed in paper towels and the put it into plain jane Jiffy seed starting mix & it is still growing there. Now this is where my question starts.
I recently purchased some seeds; Mazar(FEM), White Satin, & Original Haze x Skunk 1(freebie :smoke2:) So now that I have things more situated and good seeds I want to get a better growing medium. I've been looking at what other people are making & using & what not, as well as the pre-mixed stuff. I really like the Fox Farm Happy Frog because it contains things that I'm interested in using. With that being said is it safe to raise a seedlings directly in a soil with things like; guano, earthworm castings, humic acids, etc or should I let the seedlings grow out a while in a seedling starter mix or something of the such, then transplant into Happy Frog, etc????

Thanks in advance :51:


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Your seedlings should be fine.I started some in FF Ocean Forest with no problems.
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