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Started outside, now plan on a tent


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So I'm a newbie to growing. I started 8 plants about 6 weeks ago outside. Because of their beautiful aroma and the close proximity of my neighbors I'm switching to indoors. I have a 32×32×68 grow tent, 600 watt hps bulb and of course my odor eliminator. So after viewing a couple videos I think I have the tent set up, all except a fan blowing air in. Is that necessary? I've read mixed reviews.
But I couldn't find out.... how do I transition my ladies to the tent? From sunlighg to hps, is it going to shock them?Do I do 12/12 lights?
I should have started inside but being new and not expecting 8 out of 8 seeds to be fem seeing as I got them from a private stash.... I didn't think they would take off as they have.

Oh And if you have any good grow tips you wish you knew as a newbie please pass them along. I've been scouring thus forum like a vulcher. Lol

devils letuce

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The fan helps keep the air around the plants fresh and cool .. also keeps pests from landing on your plants . most people will tell u to point the fan towards the tent and let it bounce off and the go to the plants ..

what was their light schedule outside ?
12-12 is what u want to start flowering . what stage of growth are they already in flower?
do u have a ph pen ?
what nutrients are u using?

this will help us help you
What Strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
How Many Plants?
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?
If in Vegetative Stage... How Long?
If in Flowering Stage... How Long?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
If Hydro, Reservoir size?
If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature?
If Hydro, what type of Medium?
If Hydro, what type of Setup?
If Soil... What is in your Mix?
If Soil... What Size Pot?
Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many?
Is it Air Cooled?
Temperature of Room/Cabinet?
RH of Room/Cabinet?
PH of Medium or Reservoir?
Any Pests?
How Often are you Watering?
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used?
Size or Square Footage of Room?

This information is necessary for accurate support to be given.

here are some useful pics



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If you need to dig up your plants that will shock them more then changing thier light source, if you have a fan (with filtration)sucking out of tent you don't need one blowing into the tent too. But having one to bow on the pants is stil good, it helps make stems stronger so they can support bigger buds
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