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Started using this Germination technique


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Hello All,

Just thought I would share my new way of germing the seeds. I used to do the moist paper towel trick but i found it to be too many steps to take and I have been using this technique on my last two grows with great success. What I do is i put the seeds in a cup of water and cover it, but instead of waiting 24 hours I usually take them out in 12 hours and put them into the soil. Most of the seeds have become enlarged due to the amount of water they have taken in but rarely do I see the tap root coming out. After 2-3 days I see the seedling sprouting out. Another thing i don't like about the paper towel method is when the tap roots show sometimes they get entangled with the fibers of the paper towel and the handling of seeds to dirt with tap root showing provides more opportunities for root infection i feel. In the end though it is up to you and what you are comfortable with.

John C

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When I germinate seeds I use a matchbox lined with about 320 sandpaper to shake the seeds in for a minute, it scrapes the sides of the seeds to aid in moisture penetrating the seeds shell.



After having germination issue with Jiffy peat moss pucks and soil I switched to Rapid Rooters and have had much higher germination rates. Rapid Rooters seem to provide the seed with the perfect amount of air and moisture. I soak my seeds in pH adjusted water for 30-36 hours or until i see tap roots. I cut the Rapid Rooter mat into individual squares then I soak the Rapid Rooter squares in pH adjusted water for 15 minutes before use. Then I place the seeds tap root down into the Rapid Rooter square then place them underneath a light with 18/6 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. I do not use a humidity dome. I hand water with a syringe each day to keep the Rapid Rooter square moist. when I see roots emerge from the Rapid Rooter square I transplant to 5" pots in a mixture of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae.

http://generalhydroponics.com Rapid Rooter

http://www.perfectgardens.com gh rapid rooter mat


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Wow awesome tips KingJohnC...I'm planning to pick up some of the rapid rooters plugs myself on my next crop! I have heard many good things about them


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Using the wet paper towel in bag or Tupperware works well but it must be warm and dark or the seed won't start to sprout wasted 6 seed this season because I germinated in the window or somewhere the light hit it. So I put one in a rupee ware container with seed in wet paper towel and it sprouted in 36hours.
wet paper towel in a bag taped to the window was my way, but a matchbox. I'll be following.


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Instead of paper towels I use coffee filters, the roots don't entangle like they do in paper towels. I place in a sealed Tupperware and place on top my hot water tank. 12 to 48 hoursseeds are popped out, taproot showing


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The method that KingJohnC is proposing is called "Scuffing the Seeds" actually a lot of gardeners that have seeds that have a hard shell use this technique and it works really well....Def going to use this method on my next grow
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