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Started with 14 ended with 5


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Started with 7 White Satin and 7 Hashberry.

Changed to 12 and 12 last weekend.

Waiting for them to show their sex.



They all showed their sex and I only ended up with 5, 3 White Satin and 2 Hashberry. They're only a week into flowering and at 18" tall. I'm going to take a couple clones off each for my mother plants and have a larger grow room when I figure out which strain I like the best.
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Very nice 5...sorry about the 9 lads you had to whack....I bet that hurt


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Ya, they got alot bigger than I thought they would. I never had to grow in such a small space, It would be better if I already had clones. Cant predict what seeds will do. There alot bigger now but I think there about done growing, time for flowers.:peace:
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