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Starting a New Grow


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Iam startting plants indoor on 24 hour light plan to keep that system till i transplant outstde in 6 weeks will i have any problem of them going into flower any help well be better than i got now:peace2:


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You CAN stay at 24/0 the whole time but I would recommend switching to 18/6 at around 3-4 weeks. Then transplant them outside when the times right.

You save money on electricity this way too:thumb:

Hope this helps


Should not have any problems a lot of people start them indoors than move them outside. I would just provide some nutes to help with the shock of them being transplanted.:yummy:


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Hey Pappa,

I started mine inside too. 24 hours of light for a while. From March until the end of May. Then I moved them out in a greenhouse. We were still getting snow on June 1st. It has finally warmed up.

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