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Starting from Seed:This late?


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Got a ton of rain and i got root rot and some clones died, i have a bunch of bag seeds that i germinated two days ago..I just checked them and out of 80 about 75 sprouted then about half of those are extremely long...Two days was pretty quick for them 2b so long i thought so i never gave much thought to check so soon.......I know too long is not so good, but i was wondering if anybody could give me some info if its too late to plant these seedlings outdoors? fyi im in West Virginia.............

After seeing a grow journal on a instant 12/12 cycle i am pretty optimistic...

Any info and or own personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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I don't have personal experience in that state but the zone read out for your area looks like this:
ZONE 36. Appalachian Mountains
Growing season: May to late Oct. Thanks to greater elevation, summers are cooler and less humid, winters colder (0 degrees to -20 degrees F/-18 degrees to -29 degrees C) than in adjacent, lower zones. Rain comes all year (heaviest in spring). Late frosts are common.

Here is the link for the entire Mid Atlantic:
Sunset climate zones: Mid-Atlantic - Sunset.com

If it were me, I would go ahead w/those seeds, you will still get a harvest. You should anyways... 420 out
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