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Starting Indoors - Need advice...


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OK, first time grower here...could use some advice. I have just planted my 30 freshly germinated seeds. I am using the FoxFarms Ocean's Best (I believe it's called) soil.

*They have not broken the soil yet and I keep them out of the sun but not in a dark place, should they be in a dark place until they sprout?

*I bought two 24" EcoLux Plant and Aquarium F20 wide spectrum fluorescent bulbs (20Watt I believe), to grow my plants in the closet until they get a foot tall before transplanting outside (no greenhouse, just in the wide open).

*Should I keep my plants on an 18 hour light cycle while indoors?

*When should I apply light to my plants?

*How close should I keep the lights to the plants at first?

*How do I know when to raise the light higher above my plants?

*Will these lights do the job and get my babies to a foot?

*How often should I water and with how much water?

*Is a foot a reasonable height before transplanting outdoors? I also will use the FoxFarms "Grow Big", but I am unsure when to start applying the plant food to my plants...I have read anywhere from 2-5 weeks after they have sprouted...all help will be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!


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sounds like a good start.. 18 hrs is fine and should get the job done. keep the lights 2-4 inches above the plants, depending on the heat intensity. water when top of soil drys up a little, maybe every 3-4 days.and for the ferts, just follow directions. And another thing, just go through this site and read, read ,read. And ya should be just fine.
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