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Starting out indoors


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Hey all, i am working on putting together an indoor system, and i was going to try to automate it as much as possible, even to the point if practical, of remote monitoring because i won't be able to be there 1/2 the time. Anyone done something like this to keep tabs on water levels in res, RH, CO2, etc.. i know this is sort of stretched. I've read miles of forum pages and haven't run across this yet.

Captain Kronic

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There are definitely plenty of auto atmospheric controllers along w/almost every other kind of controllers you could need.
It may take you some... if you bother to do your own research (I highly recommend you do!) you will find all that you need in that regard.

Not sure how you are gonna manage to stay away from a new grow for that long... not sure I would be able to take it... LOL... good luck to you my friend!


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Thanks Cap't. I know, but its one of those things where you do what you have to trying to make something work. It should be interesting.


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I'm tinkering with an Arduino system for monitoring and control. these are open source hardware and software systems. If you have experience in C or C++ or embedded systems, a helping hand is always welcome.

It will eventually end up with several units. A master unit, the brains. It will handle wireless communications to other sensors and HTML output to Ethernet, recording sensor readings, and controlling power.

I've got parts of it done and I'm waiting on more boards and RF transceivers from China. Once I get a working prototype (one main and one remote) up, i do plan on doing a journal on my work through a grow.

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