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Water kills it.

I believe water renders pollen barren. Idk @InTheShed help me out here

Thank you, hopefully this can correct my Pollen problem! I have attempted Emilya's way just before typing this so hope I can see some seeds growing.

Hi growerx... don't do this... please. If there was some sort of nuclear mix that actually worked, we would all use it. All you will do by throwing a mix like this at your plants is totally overload them.

First, lets define coco. It is not soil and indeed it has nothing in it for the plants. Any nutrition they will get, is going to come from outside.

Next, Megacrop. Yes, certain elements that our plants need are in the form of salts, naturally. Those come along with any commercial nutrient program. Megacrop goes a step further and aminochelates elements that would interact with each other in the soil, and sends them right up into the plant via the water path, making nutrient availability superior to any EDTA (salt based) chelated nutrient system. It is this salt that someone has probably advised you against using, not the mineral salts that naturally occur.

So with coco, you are going to need a good full spectrum nutrient. Without buying an organic nutrient system in a bottle, there is no way to grow organically in coco, there is nothing there for the microbes to process. Even a full spectrum mineralization and microbes inoculation product like GeoFlora, can not work in coco... because of the lack of soil to complete the feeding cycle.

when you say an organic nutrient system in a bottle, that is kind of what I have been trying to accomplish making myself. One day have an "Aquarium" type habitat where it has life in it producing nutrients and I am pulling water from the habitat and flushing my plants with it through coco or a bare medium . The way you have worded that it makes me believe there is already some type of substance out there? I'm not looking for isolated nutrients to mix in water , but an organic water habitat. My goal was to trial and error test to see if something like that would even be worth it. The Initial hypothesis was since they get fed through a water path, It would be even more readily available if I fed them water. At the same time it would have natures corruptions so there could be more room for irregularities that make things natural.

I did in fact kill one of my girls while trying to conjure up a super nutrient. Post this death I haven't really been feeding them anything special. Some boiled coffee grounds and peelings and some coconut powder, because I have it. After tasting it and wishing I didn't .I have been drenching them in this mix once every other day.

Pictures coming soon once the buds start to fatten up. I've been waiting on edge for those puppies to get beefy.

I also need to do more reading on AminoChelates and how they are produced and get chained :p

Thank you all for the help



Good Morning,

So I am starting to see fading yellow on the fans and I'm hoping that means its almost harvest time!

here are some pics:

image2 (1).jpeg

image1 (1).jpeg

image0 (1).jpeg
This is the little one I dumped pollen on, and the hairs have been shriveled for weeks now,but I don't see any production of a seed, still have my fingers crossed.
image2 (2).jpeg
This is suppose to me Mr. E x Five Star - and It is packing some smells man. I wish I gave it its own Pot so it could fully bloom out, but will be getting more of this thing when I can.

image1 (2).jpeg

I have been spraying these 2 plants with colloidal silver for 3 weeks now and they have just started to bloom. I am worried my CS spray was a hoax. Hopefully soon they just kick out sacks, but I'm running low on the CS and it is clearly stunting the growth so I don't know what I'm going to do about it :p

I realized my lighting was too close to the plants, and that caused the leafs to look almost like skeleton plant bones so I have raised the lighting 12 inches to remedy that.

Till next time


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Colloidal silver must be at least 30 ppm I think for it to work. I’ve got a quart of some stronger
Although I haven’t tried it out yet.

to make feminized seeds, the Silver you use must have a minimum of 30 PPM of silver.


It seems the Silver worked, literally one day I see little balls inside the pistols that have shot up, and the next day they are almost turning yellow. Ill post some pics of the hermies in my other journal.

I have harvested the tops of the plants and jarred them while the rest of the plant sits and dries in the soil. I moved them to the opposite side of the tent so they are still getting 12 hours of light, but haven't received water in a week. Once all the fans are yellow I'll harvest the rest of the plant.

Although they smell amazing ( The FiveStar plant is insane) I think I need to adjust my timeline for the next harvest or just be more patient. The top buds are up to par,but the rest is a little airy. Maybe the LST and quadline will help this problem on my next run.

Here are the Top buds I took off each plant (3)
image0 (2).jpeg
image1 (1).jpeg
image2 (1).jpeg

They have been drying for around 4 days right now and I think I might try a hit of each before I jar them up, but who knows. they are starting to get the aroma back. One is a little gassy/citrus, one has a more Flower petal scent, and there is one that is just a citrus smelling thang. Hopefully they smoke as good as they smell :)

Either way My jar will be full by then end of It.

I don't own a scale so I wont have a final weight, so I guess this wraps up my first full grow cycle!

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