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Stat Flush: Will it work for me?


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Hi! I have a drug test on the 7th at 4:30 (so about 4 days from making this post). I went to the local smoke shop to pick me up some detox drinks or pills.

I did dabs daily, but I haven't smoked in 30 days. My system just isn't clean yet.
I came home with the Stat! Flush 5 capsule bottle.

I am around 120 lbs, female, 5'4. I've been considering picking up a 2nd bottle to see if they will work beforehand but I was wondering if you guys have had any positive/negative experiences with Stat! Flush?
The man in the smoke shop said it would probably work for me. The man in front of me bought them and he was obviously on something heavier than marijuana dabs, so I'm assuming that if it'll work for that guy it'll work for me. However, I started reading some online reviews and I've heard some scary things. If I don't pass this test, I will get my medicine for my mental disorder taken away, and I need my medication much more than I need some weed.

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The drink detox kits can be hit or miss, and your sample may get flagged as being 'diluted'.

Maybe try and order one of the dried urine kits off the internet. You add warm water before you go in, wrap the vial in a heatpad and strap it to your leg. Used to work for me when I was getting tested.

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I’ve had a few drug tests in my time, thankfully now I have a med card and prescriptions for anything else. The only true way to beat a piss test is A. get clean urine, B drink a ton of water the nite before and right up till you leave for ur test, take vitamin B several times and your urine will be flouresent yellow they only flag dilute when your pee looks like water ie clear.These methods and of course enough time to clean your system
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