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State Approves Legal Pot Petition Language

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The day their petition language was approved, organizers hoping to legalize marijuana visited a Lincoln restaurant.

They were there for food, not signatures.

"But we had the petitions at the table, and one by one and two by two, the entire staff came up to us, and then people out of the kitchen," said Len Schropfer, a member of the Nebraska Cannabis Coalition. "There's a great wave of enthusiasm."

As well as a great number of signatures left to gather to get their unprecedented plan on the November 2012 ballot.

The exact number isn't yet known, but it's likely to be more than 112,000: The group must get signatures from 10 percent of registered voters at the time the petition is due -- in this case, July 6, 2012.

On Friday, the number of voters stood at 1,123,468, according to the secretary of state's office.

The coalition also needs to hit the road; state law requires the signatures be collected from 5 percent of registered voters in 38 counties.

Schropfer, a Fillmore County farmer, wasn't worried. Early response has been strong -- he collected about 30 signatures Thursday at a bluegrass concert in Stransky Park and met several potential circulators.

And he was still excited the secretary of state's office recently approved the petition language for the Nebraska Marijuana Legalization Initiative. The initiative was written and sponsored by Holbrook lawyer Frank Shoemaker.

"We think it's big news," Schropfer said. "We're the first state to attempt to completely legalize cannabis."

The measure -- if it makes it to the ballot and voters approve it -- would allow personal marijuana use for any reason. And it would allow the state to regulate -- and tax -- the commercial marijuana trade.

"We're not pushing marijuana. We believe we have the freedom to use cannabis just as people have the freedom to use alcohol."

The group is still organizing its effort, but it plans to hit as many county fairs as possible -- and it will concentrate on the Nebraska State Fair.

Especially Sept. 4.

"We do plan a big appearance at the Willie Nelson concert."


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