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State Democrats seek opinion from AG on medical marijuana


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Democratic WA lawmakers are seeking an opinion from Washington's attorney general on the legal implications of proposed medical marijuana regulations.

The lawmakers turned Tuesday to Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna after a veto last week from Gov. Chris Gregoire. Gregoire says she couldn't support key parts of the law because it might have left state employees vulnerable to federal prosecution.

More than a dozen Democrats say in the letter that the veto has left the medical marijuana program in a crisis. They want to know the likelihood that federal prosecutors would target state employees for regulating the industry.

No state workers have been charged in states with medical marijuana laws, and legal experts say such a step would be extraordinary.


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If McKenna is honest he will tell them to go ahead and sign the bill into law, the feds have no jurisdiction. This is the same position he took on Obamacare that the feds have no jurisdiction inside state lines to tell you what insurance you have to buy.
But he's republican and they are against all legalization even though its unconstitutional to ban a natural plant.
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