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State Issues Licenses To Three More Pot Growers In Whatcom County

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Washington State - Three more businesses have received their state licenses to grow and process marijuana in Whatcom County. The state Liquor Control Board has issued grower-processor licenses to:

  • Salish Sativas, which will have a tier 2 operation at 5373 Guide Meridian, Suite D1, north of Bellingham and east of Ferndale. The owner is Wes Lemire.
  • SubX, which will have a tier 2 operation at 1419 Whitehorn St. in Ferndale. The main business partners are Nick Cihlar, Nathan Jorgensen and Seth Weissman.
  • Trail Blazin' Productions for its tier 2 operation at 2005 Division St. in Bellingham. The owners are Danielle and Juddy Rosellison.
There are three grower designations, with tier 3 as the largest. The liquor board is overseeing the implementation of Initiative 502 that legalized recreational pot in the state. So far, 10 businesses have received their licenses to grow and process recreational pot in Whatcom County. That's a fraction of the 113 growers and 95 processors in the county waiting for state licensing. Most businesses applied for licenses to grow and process marijuana, but not all.

Statewide, 170 growers and 135 processors have received their licenses. That leaves 2,412 growers and 1,754 processors awaiting their state licenses. Owners in all three Whatcom County businesses have had experience growing medical marijuana. "We're very excited to move forward and be part of the industry," said Lemire, of Salish Sativas. "We've been hard at work ever since December in getting our facility up and running."

The owners of all three businesses said their first harvest of pot – flowers and/or joints – will occur in November. "We are in an enviable position as regards buyers for our product. Supply is so scarce right now that retailers have been knocking down our door since we got our license," SubX's Cihlar said. Danielle Rosellison of Trail Blazin' is happy to move beyond the business startup phase.

"Finally, we're able to get into the depth of what we know and grow some good cannabis for consumers," she said. To Cihlar and SubX, the state's newest industry also promises to be an economic boon. "The amount of tax revenue and jobs that legalization will pump into the economy is unreal," Cihlar said. "Look at what is going on in Colorado. In 10 years, economists are going to look back and decide that legalization was the final kick our economy needed to get out of the Great Recession."


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