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State Lawmakers Go To Colorado To See Making Of Cannabis Oil

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Three state lawmakers from Nebraska and a few families went to Colorado on Monday to see first-hand how cannabis oil is produced and how it might be regulated. They visited two different facilities to learn more about the production and the process. They also met with families who have moved to Colorado so that their children, who have severe cases of epilepsy, are being treated. The families say the oil can reduce the number of seizures a person experiences. By phone from the Denver airport, State Senator Sue Crawford told Action 3 News, it's a strain of hemp with a very low THC that people would not use to get high. Instead she believes it has a very valuable medicinal purpose. Crawford said, "I'm even more confident now after we made the trip that we would be able to pass a bill and that there would be a safe, reliable supply that Doctors and patients could use. " Crawford said she will introduce a measure in the 2015 Nebraska legislative session to legalize cannabis oil.


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