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State Pilot Hemp Farming - Pennsylvania - 100 Acre Amish Collective - HELP!


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Thanks for taking your time to read this to start. My life has revolved around medical cannabis since I was 18 years of age. Now at thirty, I have been blessed with an opportunity to be the project director for 100 acres of hemp to be grown in Lancaster County Pennsylvania by a collective of Amish farmers. Our application is due January 19, however after speaking on a return call from a member of the selection committee today, I am completely confident that we will be approved by the State. I was thanked for involving the Amish, as this program was announced around 8 weeks ago and my knowledge of it is only because I have been following the industry. She is looking forward to seeing our application. By the end of this maybe you will, too.

I follow the industry because I started Pennsylvania Dutch CBD, just a small mail order company. Currently we source from Colorado, full spectrum and lab tested, craft grown white labeled hemp extract. Sales are in the plain communities here and many customers have become friends over the past six or so months since we began. Their phones are not in their homes but in shared buildings. Most order by mail and refuse a phone. They get very much help from CBD oil and for a 1400mg 30mL bottle I charge $85 as an introductory price to 100. Many are in need and continue at $85.

This collective would normally do cash cropping like tobacco or soybeans and some are dairy farmers. There is also an Amish farm engineer/inventor on our team. I will keep this post updated in the future because I honestly cannot disclose details now, but there is a harvesting solution that would be antique to us but is currently used by these farmers today. It can be run by a tractor and a PTO just the same as a Team and Small motor. Before it hits the news I'll post it here early. Here is a preview of the capability. This antique tech will cut at six inches, raise four feet, (excellent step we will call organization omitted) , laid on an elevator, then elevated another six feet up and 90 degrees to a trailing cart where you can lay it wide. Tops untouched. Single planted row at a time, corn drilled seed. We are talking about harvesting in a day here and far less really depending and it's definitely for someone looking to harvest as a business as cost is up there. Testing begins at some local Universities this year or at least that is the plan. They're for sale as well.

Here is the main point of my writing. Where can I import high CBD certified industrial hemp seed? I am looking for the region of 10% and without question the seed must come from outside of the US and also be Certified. I will have a DEA permit for the import, movement, etc. I am aware of the location that has these varieties in the world and have contacted the only company I could find information on. This language uses symbols and beginning to search for things about it is beyond me at this time. Perhaps a translator app? Does anyone have information they can share?

I have tons of data to collect over the next while. I have Hemp Husbandry, a few copies on the way in paperback. I can definitely use some advice here if anyone has some time at least for an introduction to how you would feel comfortable participating. White gloves to hunches are welcome. Thanks.
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