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State Senator Leading Another Charge For Medical Marijuana

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A Louisville senator is hoping to add Kentucky to the list of 18 states that have legalized medical marijuana.

State senator Perry Clark has introduced a bill for the 2013 legislative session that would legalize pot for medical use in Kentucky.

He and the group of Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana were celebrating at Clark's Louisville home Sunday because there will be a public hearing on August 21 in the Health and Welfare joint senate house committee.

"It's time. 40 percent of the states have already passed medical marijuana laws and Kentucky is kind of fallen behind on that. The science is far on our side. Cannabis is medicine. It's medicine in its many forms," Clark said.

Senator Clark introduced a similar bill last year but it failed to gain any traction.

Opponents of the bill fear legalizing marijuana for medical use would also open the door for more illegal marijuana operations in the state.


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