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hey all new user and looking to be a new grower. Yes i know to use the search function for my questions but i havent been able to really find the answers im looking for but troll away if you must.

Like ive said i havent even begun to start growing but I am looking to in the very near future, just need some information for a CAB. Ive looked into Stealthy Hydros prefabbed boxes, either soil or hydro, wasnt sure if anyone has ACTUALLY tried them, not just looked at the pictures and criticized. Or the usual PC grow boxes, only downside is a mere 2 plants per cycle.

I am currently living in an apartment and looking to grow in a closet to be easily concealed if needed and smell would be an issue. Any suggestions or DIY odorless tents or what not are MUCH appreciated, I'm only looking to keep roughly 6 plants going or so, and they can be autoflowering. Thanks a ton!!!
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Once a troll, always.....
But anyway.

I've not used their tents, but I've done business with them over several years. Good company, they went out of their way to fix any problem I've ever had with them.

You might want to contact them and ask if they would tell you the manufacture of the tents. Then you could search on that and get a better ideal.



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Thanks for the feedback Prairie. I haven't done to much research into tenting as I'm trying to keep it rather small.

I dont know if this website allows posting to others, but Stealthyhydro.com has a small grow cab to fit 6 plants in it. I have been toying with that versus the stealthy "PC Growbox" which is just a gutted out PC tower which Ive seen another user do on this website.

I am slowly leaning towards that idea and just have several of them scattered through out my apartment, so I don't "put my eggs into one basket" or what not and have several harvests instead of relying on one every 8 weeks or so.

Thanks again for the input and Im more than eager for more, this is a new trade to me and I'm looking for all the knowledge/opinions I can get.
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