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Stealth closet. 1.65'x4'X4'


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Hello guys, It's an honor to be a part of such an august community.
I've just moved in to a new appartment and I'm about to set up my first growroom, inside a 140cm wide X 50cm deep X 230cm high closet. Since it's my first project I'll use dirt or rockwool and fluorescent lights.
I'll be posting pics as I set it up and I'll be needing lots of advice from experienced growers!
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Don't use dirt, it compacts in pots. Use a good organic potting mix with no slow release ferts in the mix.


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you're right about dirt compacting. I'm now looking at perlite or similar. I've rented a new different aptmnt (now is for sure) so the size wont be xclty the same, but just as small. anyway, i'll be posting pics next week,
cya! :smoke2:


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I'm also planning a grow box of a similar size, maybe only 3' wide. I've read Stratlogic's Grow Box Construction thread, seems like a pretty good direction. I know some additional things I am planning on doing to this setup is
-Adding dual carbon filters, one for intake one for exhaust that will then be vented via dryer ducting into the ceiling
-A weather-stripped latching door, should help with the smell as well
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