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This happened about '73.
I was driving to Tahoe (via Reno) from SoCal and picked up this 18-year old backpack hitchiker outside of San Berdoo.
We start talking.
He's headed back home to Canada.
A few weeks earlier he and his friends had been sitting around bemoaning the dearth of weed. So they made a plan, pooled all their $$ (about $50), and drew straws. He won.
So get this: he hitchiked from Canada to Guetamala(sp), bought a kilo of weed for $15, and was headed home, with a kilo of weed in his backpack.
I said "How's the weed?" He says "Let's find out", reaches into his pack, unwraps the kilo slightly (packed in newpaper), breaks off a small bit and rolls one up.
5 hours later we're in Bishop CA. and I realized I had had the same tape on the entire time, so stoned I didn't even notice.
We pulled off the 395 onto a side street and crash in the back of my van.
In the morning we get ready to leave and I noticed I had parked across the street from the Bishop P.D., and there was a big fat roach sitting on the dash.
Anyway I dropped him off in Reno and continued on my way. I hope he made it ok.
Thats incredible!! Theres a cool web site that calulates distance from one point to another anywhere in the world. . So I picked from calgary to guatemala. . .

Distance is 4568 kilometers or 2839 miles

Thats if they could cross thru the gulf. . this distance is a straight line.
Man thats one hell of a trip. . . hitch hiking no less :peace:
Then Hai Karate, now Axe.
I dunno, I always liked Brut. Is Hai Karate still around?

And for the ladies - Jean Nate'

I used to hate it eight tracks. You go to pull it out of the machine and it comes out in a ball of ribbon. Then you try your darndest to roll it back into the case, because it was your best eight track, only to ruin your player when you tried to put it back in.:hmmmm:

The cassette was the best thing since sliced bread.:smokin:
I believe he told me it took him 5 days to get to Guatamala, pretty much traveling night and day. The early 70's was the "golden age of hitchiking", you rarely had to wait long for a ride because the road was full of us hippie's willing to give anyone a ride. South of the border he got rides mainly from laborers. He spent a day or 2 in Guatamala and bought the weed from a farmer who was undoubtably glad to see the $$.
I asked him how he had managed to cross from Mex. into Guat. and back again without being searched and he told me both times he was in the back of a truck filled with produce and laborers, and was laying on his backpack with a serape over him like he was alseep.
To get across from Mex. to the U.S. he accepted a ride from a US family in Tijuana for the day and they didn't glance twice at him at the border.
So he just had that last hurdle to make--into Canada, and being a Canadian citizen that shouldn't have been a problem.
He was pretty clean cut, and he told me that before he left home he cut his shoulder length hair to avoid being harrassed as a hippie.
Man I wish I could have experienced the culture of the 70's. I'm not saying whether i think I would like it or agree with it, but what an experience it must have been!
Heh, my family is from Guatemala.
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