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stems turning purple early in flower?


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I don't know if this is true, but I notice stems turning purple, then shortly after, leaves starting to yellow in first couple weeks of flower. Is the change from green to purple a sign of not enough nutrients? I thought it was the plants way of saying I need more nutes, especially nitrogen. So when I bumped up the nutes the yellowing progression stopped. The flowers r still filling out quickly with much vigor but I wanted to know if this is something I can gauge on how much to feed in flowering. I know there r exceptions to this because of strains, but have other growers noticed this and is it accurate. I took a video but can't post it without a youtube account. Anyway they r doing fine now, the tea was about 400 ppm then I went to 600 then 800 over the course of about 9-10 days. There r a lot of strains in the room and some needed more then others. Well happy growing guys, I'm not really looking for a diagnosis of the plants, hence no info as this thread request just if the theory holds water. Thanks again!


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You did well, cannabis needs nitrogen till late bloom, so if she yellows early that's a sign she doesn't have enough. And that always affects yield as your plant needs leaves for the photosynthesis, to pump sugars into growing budz. They do not grow on their own.


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You did great by adding some nitrogen. Flower time is also a time where she needs more p&k than anything. For example I am running a 5-15-14 for my flower nutes. Can use less or more this is completely up to the grower. As far as the stems getting purple. This can happen late in flower As the plant burns nutrients it has stored. This of course during the flush or slightly before. This could also be a sign of low P. These are just a few opinions that might help you out. Good luck:high-five:
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