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Does anyone else chew on stems while breaking up green?

A friend of mine does it all the time. Its just her thing..sometimes when shes not breaking stuff up.


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I filled my hebalaire last night with some stems I had pulled apart. Got 4 bags out of just stems, so think before you throw them away if you have a decent vape.


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I wouldnt go as far as smoking them:laugh2:, But I defentialy do chew on them while I break up my herb, or if I just finished smoking and have to drive I"ll chew on a stem.. :smoke2:
Has anyone had any experience with thc tea??


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Whenever I roll, when I just finish breaking the bud, i'd take the 3 or 4 stems and just eat and chew them away. I'm the first out of all my buddies to start doing it, and probably still the only one that does it. I do it simply for the taste, and I like to chew on various things, so this is nothing to me, haha:3:.
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