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I just got my 5x5 1000w Hortilux HPS tent setup and running to add to my closet. I'm now at the end of day 2. The closet is 2x6 with a Mars II 1200 and two Mars 300. Both grow spaces are Ebb & Flow design. 6" rockwool cubes are planted into 50L of hydroton in 21gal mixing mortar trays. 750g/h pumps are hooked up to Ebb/Flow bulkheads attached to each tray from the reservoirs located underneath. I'm using the full General Hydroponics line and using the Expert: Re-circulation schedule.
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:circle-of-love:so they are about 11days old:thumb:
Good evening, and greetings @SmokeSara! They are indeed 11 days old. The last two are autos and are 28days old. They didn't get a whole lot of attention, as this was the time I was setting up my 5x5, but they will give me some good smoke until everything else finishes :)
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Day 18 - Got the scrogs ready. Removing all lower nodes/foliage until plants get to the scrog, and then chopping the tops. Once the canopy is full I'll turn the lights to 12/12 and add an adjustable trellis for support during stretching. I plan on vegging for at least 6, maybe even 8 weeks. Looking for a nice big harvest. I'm aiming for at least 7lbs. I'm up to around 40 sq ft (3.75 sq m) of flowering space now with the 5x5 addition. If the autos on the right side of the closet don't finish soon enough, I will pull them and trash or give away. I will transplant one of the plants in their place and add a scrog to the right side of the closet also. I do not want any lost potential, and they just aren't worth the sq footage. I may even pot the large auto up and hang it in a basket in the corner of the 5x5 until it finishes.
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Day 19 - Scrogs are 2x2". HPS is at 50% = 500w. Everything else is on max. Edit: Also added another 232 watts to the left side with the 2 Mars 300s for a total of ~502watts left, ~585w right, 1000w tent. A grand total of ~2087watts
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Day 22 - Still on Week 3 Schedule. I am, and have been, also adding CaliMagic at 2.5 mL/gal that is not indicated by the GH dosage schedule chart. I will be continuing Wk3 dosage for several weeks.
- I added the COB setup I made a while back for an extra 232 watts on the left side of the closet. So, ~500watts on the left, ~585 on the right, 1000 in the tent, for a total of ~2085w.
- Dosing schedules thus far are as follows:
Right closet: 3/4 wk1, 3/11 wk2, 3/20 wk3, 3/29 wk4, 4/5 wk5
Left closet : 3/20 wk1, 3/27 wk2, 4/5 wk3
Tent : 3/20 wk1, 3/26 wk2, 4/3 wk3
Gotta figure out what in the hell is making the pics turn so blue on this
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day 25 - Earlier tonight did a water change on the right side of the tent and forgot to put the drain hose back into the res, so 13 gallons of water leaked into the closet. It happened within 2 hours of me doing a water change, but I'm really hoping it didn't drain into my neighbors closet. They are new, and we have never really spoken...I soaked up as much as I could, but not 13 gallons worth. pulled everything out and put 2 fans in there to speed the drying.

On another note, the plants are doing well. The tent is doing fantastic and they have almost reached the scrog; much larger than the plants in the tent the same age. The young-lings in the closet have not been growing quite as fast, I think the may light may be a little too close for them. The leaves are very wide and have deep ridges. The autos are doing well. Looks like I will get a decent amount of bud off of them before I have to get rid of them for the larger plants that will be filling another scrog. By decent, I mean enough to smoke on till the next harvest. Expecting ~3-4oz. Going to have to do some watchful trimming in the interior of the plant. the colas are too close together and when they start to grow together they could mold. i'm going to remove alot of the leaves, a little bit day by day to lessen the shock. The cool thing is I've mastered keeping all the bud at the top and not having any popcorn. Takes a bit more work and a constant eye but it's pretty cool. You just have to pull the new branchlets off as they show up before they get too big. Both of my tiny autos have 6 top colas each, even if they are weak little girls. Hoping for 6 weeks veg and 8 weeks flowering, but I'm expecting 8 weeks veg and 10+ flowering

Changed cameras back to an old iPhone 4 I had laying and they look a little better under the LEDs. After this harvest I'm definitely getting a top of the line phone for great pictures, and one of those macro lenses from eBay. Already tried and frequently use the microscope adapters and they are freaking fantastic. A must have for seeing those trichomes turning color and knowing exactly when to harvest. Ambering doesn't always work great for autos, because they color a little differently. They're both only around $2-5 I think...depending on where you buy from.

If you can tell, after the images are de-resolutioned by 420mag, I removed the new branches forming at the nodes before they have a chance to lengthen. I then keep only the top two-three leaf sets (excluding the new growth). Then once the 2nd leaf set begins to overlap the 3rd, I remove that 3rd/bottom two leaves. This will create one, thick, powerful stem leading straight up to the scrog, that will then break-off into multiple stems all being fed by the same, powerful stem. This, in my hypothesis, will even out bud size and stem growth. Once the top set of leaf growth reached the scrog, I will let it get about an inch or so above, then snip just above the nodes with new stem growth. Everything from that point will be tucked under the scrog, occasionally removing large fan leaves so that new branches and new nodes will receive light, to maximize the amount of colas. Once the scrog is full, then I will be switching to 12/12 and turning the ballast to 75% for 1-2 weeks, and 100% from their on out

Tent -

Left -

Right - Day 45

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Dy 26 - Good morning ladies! Got some pics just as the "sun" came up. Pulled a few more lower leaves and some forming branch-lets. Riased the lights a good bit on the left side of the tent with the Mars 300s. Pulled several forming nodes from the top. The intense light was preventing it from stretching too high. Also, have some bad black mold on those rockwool cubes on the left side. I've got some plastic rockwool caps that I will put on after I upload this. For those wondering, I let only one main stem supply the plant up to the scrog to allow for circulation fans to be placed underneath and all those good benefits...yayaya

Tent - Plants are 7"-9" tall, except for one runt 4" kush, but those don't always turn out to be runts forever; I've had some come back before to be monsters. Main stems are getting extremely thick and strong. I will be chopping tops soon on the tallest and begin removing fan leaves attached to the base stem so the new nodes have maximum light and nutrients/hormones can flux to them. The next 4 weeks should be very exciting in growth. as I have only been focusing on height thus far.

Left - Left side is growing a bit slower. Very dense and thick foliage. Leaves are much thicker,darker green, and stronger than those in the tent. I am trying to remove the new off shoots from the top before they get a chance to get large, because they are growing much more rapidly under such dense light and are more hidden in the dense foliage. I do not believe these to be weaker plants, just taking on different phenotypes adapting to their different environments (i.e. denser lighting and a small temperature difference). I'm also raising the lights 2" per day for 3-4 days until I feel comfortable the are getting the right amount of light.

Right - The autos are doing what they are doing. WC weekly and have removed no more foliage. I may, though, trim a few leaves on the interior of the small lemon skunk to give more lights to the buds. Still not expecting anything great out of these two, but want the best for what I get. Still want to get enough to smoke on till next harvest.... The larger...uhmmm sweet tooth maybe?, seems like it will produce some pretty nice evenly sized colas if it has time to finish. Like I said, once the smallest 12/12 plant is ready for the scrog, the autos are gone. Need to make space for the money makers.
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Day 27 - First plant hit the scrog today/yesterday. Trimmed just above the last node before the scrog canopy. I got 2 sets of nodes that will produce 4 stems from where I cut, that will turn into many many more. Didn't get a before shot, wish I had.

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Day 27 - Decided to take the other two top fan leaves out to give max light to the new nodes. Once they get an inch or so above the scrog I will begin tucking..maybe 2 days

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- Also did a large defoliation on the two autos. I know it's a few weeks late, but just wanted to see how it would turn out. The lolita needed thinning out in the middle anyway before she started to mold. Hopefully they will be close to finished by the time the other two reach the scrog, and then move one in their place. And if it stunts them then blah...not a big loss

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I had like 10 or 12 oz of dry trim lying around and decided to make some butter today ;) Magical Butter Machine...thing is freaking amazing. A must have for anyone who throws away their trims. I prefer this much more than hash, although I do like to keep a little nug for special occasions. Had too much for the machine, and even went over the fill line. Two batches. Only pics of the first. The was the first time i clarified the butter. I had a better attempt on the second batch by not removing/pouring it from the heating pan before removing the top layer (as seen in the 2 pics). I used 4 cups of butter before removing the top layer. I always end up losing around another cup of butter to absorption into the material, and don't do anything with the remaining waste. Should end up with about 6-7 cups of some good quality stuff.

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Day 41 - pulling that many leaves off seems to have slowed growth substantially. will only remove new nodes from now on, and wait to remove fan leaves until the canopy above is full. everything always seems so much slower, too, without co2 during veg :(

Tent -

Left -

Right -