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Steps to making butter


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Hello! So I know there are a million of these but I didn't see one exactly the same as mine down there so I decided I'd add mine and if I can find my brownie recipie (somehow lost it) I will add that too!

What you need:

-1/2 oz. of finely ground weed (better the bud the better the brownies, I've used mids. in the past I'm going to use some dank this time and see how that goes, and the more finely ground the more THC can be extracted)
-small crock pot (or larger depending on how much butter you are making)
-cheese cloth
-two sticks of butter (look for ones with high fat content! I used Wal-Mart's brand, next time I'm trying some from a local dairy, THC is fat soluble)
-1 c. water

Put butter, water, and finely ground bud into a small crock pot on LOW overnight, check on it occasionally. It shouldn't boil or get too cool. Stir it every once in awhile but it can pretty much be left alone. There will be some smell at this stage a fan blowing out in a window can take care of that. (this can also be done in any room of the house if privacy is an issue)

The next morning unplug your crock pot, let the mixture sit for 5-10 min. so it cools off but doesn't solidify. Use cheese cloth (I double mine over a few times) to strain your butter into tupperware containers WITH LIDS (you don't want freezer burn do you?) make sure to squeeze as much butter out of the cheese cloth as possible. Next freeze the contents of the tupperware for 2-4 hours (until frozen). The butter and the water/ any remaining peices of weed will separate. You can now take the butter off the ice and scrape the bottom of the butter for any remnants of shake.

Depending on how much time you have and how sensitive to the taste of weed you are you may stop now and happy baking -or- you can add more water to the butter you have removed from the freezer and melt it again in your crock pot for 3-6hrs. and further "clean" the butter. The THC will remain but the weed taste will go away with each time. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

Becareful not to over heat your butter/bud in the crock pot!!

Happy Baking!! If I can ever find my brownie recipie I'll list that too.


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silly question, When using the crock pot do you keep the lid on or off? Would keeping the lid on overnight cause condensation? Does it matter? thanks...


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sorry if this double posts. When you make the butter in the crock pot do you leave the lid on? Does this cause to much condensation? Does it matter? Thanks...


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Hello there!
Yes, Why do you use the Water? Does it cleanse it? Water and Butter don't mix, so I don't get that.
Thank you.

P.S. i just have a need to know everything. Every aspect of why something is. How is works. Why it works. What makes it work. Etc. thanks, agais.


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Hi! Me, Again..
How does warming it over and over get rid of taste? I don't understand how you can take the taste away...the water cleans the chlorophyll from the butter, but leaves the Active Ingredient, THC?
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