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Stereophonics Blame Marijuana For Dense Album


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Stereophonics' frontman Kelly Jones blames the influence of marijuana for a "dense" sounding fourth album - but promises to quit the drug for future studio recordings.

The singer, who will be appearing at the Tsunami Relief Cardiff this weekend, insists their 2003 release 'You Gotta Go There To Come Back' suffered from a lack of spontaneity because they were all smoking too much wacky backy throughout the recording process. He says, "I was thinking, 'F**king hell.' Making this, we were really stoned. It just sounded so dense".

However, according to contactmusic.com, the band have promised fans that their upcoming new album, 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?', will be much more upbeat - because they've ditched the weed.

Kelly says, "This one was recorded with a lot more energy."

Bassist Richard Jones confirms, "We put the spliff away for this one."

Stereophonics' fifth studio album will be released in March, preceeding by a new single 'Dakota' on February 28th.

Source: http://www.stereoboard.com/artistnews/news-804.html


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ha, that's pretty funny...i remember one time i smoked way too much before playing a show w/ my band....wrong move...i forgot so many bass lines...but then i had a shitty small ass amp and no one could hear me anyways
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