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Stevef111: 8 White Widow,1 Blueberry, 2 Jack Herer, 1 Sour Diesel


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Hello All,

Welcome to my first grow journal I am new to this and want to learn everything I can. So please feel free to offer advise and support I am going to bring you from seed to clone then into the flowering stage. This all started October 20th, 2018.

Equipment used:

-4.3 X 2.3X7 Ft Grow Tent For flowering
-600 watt HPS light with digital ballast
-6 inch air cooled tube brought down to 4 inch
-1 4 inch Exhaust fan
- 1 4 inch Charcoal Filter
- 1 48" sun blaster t5 florescent light
- 1 4" fan for air movement

Veg Area:
-1 400 watt HPS Digital ballast
- 1 8 Inch fan

- 1 80 site cloner
- 1 24 inch Sun Blaster T5

Growing Medium:
- Promix BX

- Optimum A/B
- B51 1-2-1 Vitamins by optimum
- Vodoo Juice
- cal mag

Flower Nute:
-Optimum A/B Pink
- Vodoo Juice
- B52 Advance Nutrients
- Big Bud



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Here are all 12 of them in the Tent. So on January 3rd I water them with 2 ml of the Optimum A/B, 2Ml of the voodoo Juice, and 2 Ml of the B51 vitamins PH the water to 6.11 I gave them 4 liters for all 12 so wasn't much water.

On January 4th I water again I went 4 ML opt A/B Veg Green, 3 ML B51, 2ML voodoo Juice PH 6.11 again 4 Liter's for all 12. I am water every second day just so the roots get water I will space this out as the roots run into the pots.

January 6th I Watered 8 Liters PH to 6.11 I will monitor the soil to see when the next watering will be. I noticed on Jack Herer in the corner not looking to good his roots were small when I planted so we will see how it goes. Look forward yto hereing all the comments.
I know the seeds to clone their wasn't many pictures but I really want to focus on the flowering stage.

I am going to Veg these for one month then Flower till finish I am hoping there is enough space in this tent may have to upgrade to a 4x4 tent with 2 600watt lights.

Thanks all for joining hope this turns out to be a great journal.


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So it's week two in veg for my girls, started the week with plain PH water 6.11 and Wednesday January 9th, 2019 I fed them 4 ML optimum A/B Veg, 4 ML Opti Cal, PH to 6.11 again. They have some great growth over the week. Two more weeks in veg then I will flip them over to flower. The Jack Herer seems to be doing a little better as well time will tell. Let me know what you think of the girls maybe I can improve.



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Well added another liter of water with 6ml optimum A/B growth I added 6 ML of optical I added 5ml of revive I feel that I have a bit of a deficiency I ph to 6.14 as well.


George Mc

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I'm not a professional grower but they look good to me. I've done two grows so far. At least one of the plants look like the leaves were canoeing. I'm trying to think back 6 months to when mine did that I think that means the lights are too close. Somebody else needs to chime in on that.


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Hi Steve! Sorry I overlooked your journal. I saw when you posted the start and it was so neatly organized and layed out that I assumed that you had this... and I failed to stop in and say hi so I could follow along.
Anyway... you asked for comments... I agree that it looks like a little bit of heat stress on the plants with the canoeing of the leaves... its not severe, but it is close. I would back the lights off 3 or 4 inches and see if they start to relax.
I am not familiar with your nute line, so I assume you are following the directions to the letter. You adjust to an odd pH, but it must be due to advice you have gotten with your system and I see no adverse effects from it... so I have no advice in that area. It also looks like you water according to a schedule you have set up, and maybe it would be better to listen to the plants... so I invite you to look up the lift method, and maybe not water quite as often, or at least not until they ask you for it. You might read that thing out there about how to water properly in a potted plant... I hear people say that it is pretty good.
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