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Sticky cola with trichomes

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Was just in the mood to share.

I hope you enjoy the pics :peace2:
Wow nice Green :thumb: may i ask u know wat strain ur lady is?
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Uncertain of the strain. Was given the seeds and they have been laying around for awhile. But I must say Im very happy with the outcome. Did some clippings to keep it going for awhile. Here are some more pics. The buds are responding well to the fert and really gaining some girth:
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Oh they are definite hybrid and indica dominant. I just don't remember what strain it is.
I wish I knew what mine were as well. Mine appear Indica, a grower told me by looking at the pictures it might be a afghan strain. Good luck and I hope someone can help you. Maybe once they are done and smoked someone would be better able to figure out what it might be. Oh well as long as the smoke is good and the benefits are great.
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like you said as long as the smoke is good!
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Nice, if you get some pictures feel free to post them up. I enjoy seeing fresh green bud as much as smoking it when its dried!