Sticky Fingaz Getting Spaced Out With The Mars Hydro FC 6500

Sticky fingaz

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How are your plants these days?
Absolutely fantastic!
I've had major issues with heat but the light is nothing short of a Beast!
My ZkittleZ from my other journal Is just booming & considering she's using what I used in my previous grow, I can only assume that the rapid development Is down to the light. Amazed by it!! When I get another space sorted ( which I'm working on ) the I shall be buying more 100% :thumb::woohoo::high-five:

Thanks very much for dropping by & also for being a great sponsor.
Customer services were great In dealing with my order & I'd highly recommend you to anyone. Great!!!!

Modest Grower

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Looking great! Don't be so hard on yourself, I am not sure the training is the cause of any stress. This heat wave stuff is hitting people all over the world. Your ladies look like they well stack up real nice.

Hilarious story on the ac units and the missis. I have a similar situation as I moved international, I basically started from scratch. I just try and time my orders with her orders. Expensive jacket for her, new water chiller for me :19:

Bud Love

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Hope your well mate
Looking jubly…
heat,humidity,water,access to the grow space.. Just a few of the things I’ll be having nightmares about for yrs to come;) except..if the other half ever finds out how much it cost.. then it’d be the other way round.. I’d be scared to go to sleep:)
Nice to see you again matey.. :)

Sticky fingaz

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It has Been a mental F**king few months! My Journal has gone to s**t, this is the one place I can get some relief & just haven't had the time. When I do come back I find out that our good mate @Squiggle has taken himself away because of some f**K Wit so yh, WTAF has happened of recent :hmmmm:

I hope all the Growmie's are doing well, things have been ticking by ok I suppose. Kinda lost the wind in my sails with all that's been going on but still, we live to fight another day.

My heart goes out to all those affected across the pond by this horrendous storm! I have been watching the news & It's been absolute carnage. If anyone on here has been directly struck or know of anyone that has, I wish you all the best & pray that everything will be ok!

To the plants.....
I have recently chopped my Purple punch...

20210828_130150094_iOS 1.jpg
20210828_130243555_iOS 2.jpg


She is now drying!

(I'm almost at my post limit for pictures so I shall end this one & start another lol )

To be continued.............

Sticky fingaz

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The continuation......

With PP cut & hung, all we have now Is Kosher Cake & Bruce Banner. What can I say, I've done my best! They are very small & very bloody temperamental, nothing like Photo' all!
I need some more practice before I try these again, I'm happy with what I've managed to grow, but know 100% they could have been better.

Here's the Kosher Cake......



& last but not least, Bruceeee Banner...



I wanted to be happier about this grow but things have just been shit if I'm honest!
I couldn't have got this far without the help and advice I've received from this forum so I wanted to thank each & every one of ya for your help & support!

Once things calm down I'll be back to normal.

Be back again soon

One :love:

Sticky fingaz

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@Modest Grower & to you ( for yesterday my friend )

It's not that I'm not happy with the grow, I'm just in a slump with everything else that has been going on so not had the time or conviction to get into this one.
I started chopping my Bruce Banner this morning & noticed a load of BUD ROT on the biggest fattest nug at the top. I've never seen it before & it really is nasty. It must have been back when the heat & humidity were through the roof, that's all I can think of.
I chopped it off & begrudgingly tossed in the heap! Just hope no more appears during the drying & curing.

Thanks as always for stopping by dude :high-five:

Have a great weekend

Grand Daddy Black

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They don't look bad to me Sticky. I've grown a lot worse! :Rasta:

Regarding your training issues, you may want to try using some monosilicic acid on your plants.

I run my with it from the beginning almost to the end. It makes the stems more pliable, stronger and more receptive to training. Just a thought.
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