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:circle-of-love: NEW JOURNAL COMING SOON :circle-of-love:

Hey fellow growers!
Hope everyone's doing well & having an awesome 2021. Some absolute knock out grow's & journal's going at the moment. I wish everyone success with all your project's. :55:

As one grow Is approaching it's end, so must another start!
Really excited to get this one off the ground, a whole new setup is coming my way! I can not confirm as of yet what that will be as I'm changing a few things around.
I've changed my mind with regards to LED lighting & have been reading up on the ' MARS HYDRO FC 6500 ' Range.


This beast boasts some great specs, with 2.9 umol/J, UV / IR & a potential to yield 2.5 grams per watt. Absolute blinder...Literally!!
Only thing is, our UK supplier is currently out of stock @Mars Hydro. Hopefully they'll have some more soon.

More details on set up coming soon!


Anyone who follows me will know that I use @RoyalSeedBank. Never fails to disappoint & my lil Critical has done me proud.
That's why I'm so looking forward to see how the green gelato unfolds.

Let's take a look at her........

A taste of Ganja from Heaven

The Thin Mint phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies is arguably the tastiest. By whisking the sweet, minty biscuit flavour together with the orange citrus twist provided by Sunset Sherbet, the delectably dank Green Gelato is created in a combo of fruity confection. Purple hues enhance the dense, orange-haired buds’ aesthetics. Plus, a loud yet alluring aroma of Kush, baked goods, and forest fruits will bring most stoners close to sensory overload. That’s before you’ve even experienced the effects of 25%+ THC Green Gelato nugs.

You will be shocked and awed without a doubt. In a good way. Green Gelato delights the senses before you have a chance to process the tremendous potency of the near-narcotic gas you’ve just inhaled. Yummy, yummy, huh I feel kind of funny, maybe I should siiiiit doooowwwnn. The mind is charged with a pulse of energy and creativity. And your mood is unbelievably positive too, but the body plays jellyfish.

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