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Stickydank's Basic CO2 Method


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Items Required:
* 10lb. white sugar
* 5 gallon clean bucket W/lid
* 4 1/2 gallons of water
* A piece of toast browned and hard
* A table spoon of dry active yeast (for baking bread)

First boil the water, (this will ensure clean water) remove from the heat and add the sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Let cool until water is room temperature (if you don't let it cool down it won't work).

After the sugar water has cooled, float the piece of toast on top of the water. Now, empty the tablespoon of yeast over the toast. After a few days, the yeast will take over the toast and start making bubbles (CO2) in the bucket. After a week, the amount of bubbling (CO2) will increase.

Keep the lid airtight on the bucket. CO2 travels up the dispersion tubing, and due to it being heavier than air, falls directly onto your plants. Timing your exhaust, is essential in maintaining an effective level of CO2.

Editors Note: Unfortunately the author of this contribution has not been able to test the CO2 levels produced using his method. Personally, I would use a CO2 analysis kit to help manage (exhaust timing etc), and maintain, an optimum level of around 1500PPM.

Author: Stickydank


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how do you set up the bucket? Do you just keep it closed until bubbling then release or do you install some sort of tube.. I,m really interested! thanks for reading:thanks::nicethread:


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i saw a similar post some where that claimed spending 30-60 minutes o a day in your grow increase co2 from your breathing
so you could read the paper to your plants every morning or play them tunes that you could sing along too....


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Hey Folks,
I was really curious if anyone has actually implemented this and been able to both control the CO2 amount and have enough CO2 to make it effective? When I say regulate is it feasible to somehow put a CO2 regulator on the tube coming out of the bucket that could be controlled via a CO2 monitor/controller, Enviro Controller? Or is it better just to get Tanks at the local grow store?


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Grooven, I have 3 2L bottles with the same mix in my room... The tubes just hang over the plants, CO2 just falls onto them when the fan turns off at night...

I put the bottles in about 2 weeks ago and since then, the buds have gotten rock hard and swelled. I don't know if that's just what stage of maturity they are or if the CO2 had something to do with it. All I know is the plants aren't reacting negatively to the setup...

I dont think it would be worth it to attach some sort of enviro controller to regulate the output... If your looking for something that tech, get the tanks.
If you can stand the bootleg nature of the homemade tanks, give 'em a try... :ganjamon:


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Just to be safe...
yOU must folow the required items ...
if you put to much of ingridients you'll get one big boom , and yeast all over your grow box. That hapend to me first time .
And the best way to seal the cap so no co2 leek's out is silikon ....

sry russ/eng

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^ haha damn haze!! :laugh2:
Also make sure the air line has enough holes in it!

I agree the only way to get the lid airtight is with silicone... makes it easy to change the solution as well.


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Hey Haze/Dr. Dread,
I was wondering if you or anyone had a rough formula for how many 2 Liter
bottles per plants? You mentioned you had 3 2L bottles...?

Also when you say make sure the air line has enough holes in it are you stringing a plastic hose across multiple plants in which you have it plugged at the end and just poking holes in it? Similar to a drip irrigation system?

My primary concern about monitoring the CO2 is CO2 in heavy PPM's can cause death in enclosed spaces which I am debating as to whether I truly want to add an exhaust to my room or not but I don't want to have too much CO2 build up before the plants can use it to where it could be at dangerous levels.

Rooms with exhaust in some senses waste CO2 vs. a sealed room that can re-circulate unused CO2.



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can i use a propane torch. the flame on the torch can be adjusted to very low, like a pilot flame. thats what ive been doing. my grow area is sealed air tight. i run the fans on high when im running the torch i usually do this 4 to 6 times a day for 15 min at a time.
when the temp goes up to 85+ i turn off the torch and then run the fans on low.
i havent had any problems doing this except knowing the levels of co2.
i suppose i could get a co2 meter. but thats a little pricy. or is it?
any feed back would be appreciated.
thanks sully


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knock that torch over or have it fall and you might be looking for a new place to live. Why take the chance. Do it safely with burners that contain regulators and tip over cut offs or buy tanks. Why flirt with death for a few measley buds?


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yes im very aware of the torch tipping over. i never leave it unattended because im afraid of just that.
i cant afford a co2 generator they are so expensive.getting a tank is more reasonable.ill be looking into that on monday. for less than 150 i can get a tank. which probably will be the same amount or save me money in the long run on the cost of propane.
thank you. ill get at least a small tank.
thats much better than burning down the house. the wife would be kinda mad too.


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has anyone used CO2 analysis kit to see how much co2 this actually gives off? also does anyone have any experience how long this 5 gal co2 generator produces co2
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