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Stickydank's Basic CO2 Method

just a thought, but you will probably have a much more positive effect on the plants if you feed the co2 with the lights on as plants only absorb oxygen at night. co2 combined with light energy is what creates photosynthesis, your plants will thrive.
What a waste of sugar. Add some fruit and ferment yourself some wine. As the Scotsman explained The Wee Beasties "Yeast Cells". They consume sugar, fart Carbon Dioxide and piss alcohol.
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I brew beer and want to start growing soon. I plan on having at least one 5gallon carboy of wort fermenting into beer at the same time as my grow. If I ran my c02 through an airlock in my grow space 24/7 is there a chance I could hurt my grow?
The CO2 will not hurt and might even help your plants. However, there is not a lot of C02 bubbling off your beer wart so don't expect the grow to push the roof off your tent.
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I have also been wandering about removing co2 generator at night. I'm using 2l bottles sugar yeast. I have seen guys leave them in for 2 weeks. When smell of alcohol they change it. These 2l bottles give off very little co2 raises levels to 600 - 800 ppm. I was told. I guess any extra co2 better that nothing ??? Any suggestions ??

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Is there any benefit to the toast? I have brewed beer and made moonshine and for both, we add our sugars, cool to a reasonable temperature, add the yeast and let it go.

By the way, if you are looking for a good container, you may want to check the home brew store or on-line for someone selling an old beer kit. They come with good lids and usually have holes for bubblers or plastic tubes. I've used this amount of sugar in the past and never had it "explode" so, as long as you don't try to seal it, allow the CO2 to vent somewhere you should be OK.

If you like home brew, seems like these two projects could mesh well.