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Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow


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Always looking trust me.
Good Luck Penny I hope you find the perfect place you deserve it I would Love to see what you would do with a nice space to grow in. Enjoy the down time


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Dam,n Penny, that sucks about no work for 5 days and having to claim a partial, I know claiming partials is an added PITA. While searching for a good home, are you also looking for more stable work? Whatever the case, I hope you get to a state of being where you don't have to rely on shit from nobody. That's been my luck for so many years and it sucks when you can only make small investments into yourself, so I hope your fortunes turn out to be more expedient than mine were.


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You gonna run Soul Diesel again? I miss seeing her on your pages.
I didn't answer you sorry ill tell ya what sky I had 3 of those seeds left I gave one to my son to grow and now I cant find those last two there nowhere to be found I probably threw them away by accident so that's the end of those I was growing it hoping for diesel fuel flavor but now I have sour bubba to grow to get that flavor cant wait that will be grown outdoors next summer!


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Heyas Sticky & Gang!

Subbed up. Sorry I didn’t earlier. Thanks for all your support on my grow sticky. Going to read back on your perpetual over the weekend.

Sorry to hear about the work and living situation Penny. I hope things take a turn for the better for you.:green_heart:

Have a great day folks !


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hey wrennakken glad to have you around its real easy here come around when you feel like it sometimes we have fun your welcome bud! :)
Thanks for the warm welcome:ganjamon:

My golly your plants are beautiful! They look like kit plants! Gj sticky:drool:

Ethos Genetics also are famous for Mandarin strains. They cross with a shit load of Cookies / Zkittles etc. All are super frosty. They are trendy and expensive just like IHG gear.

Sky if your looking for great genetics but don’t want to pay the prices of the “hype” strains like IHG etc. Here’s a few I like for the same reasons your mentioning.

Humboldt Seeds Org. - very good quality flowers and seeds. Not that expensive. 5 pack fems are like $60-75 CaD. Except one strain “the new” is like $200.I hope they keep prices down. Love their work.

MMS - the pupil strains.

Ace - all prices I’ve seen are like $75 per pack.

TGA/ Sub cool - Very affordable. Always sales. Usually $50 Usd per 5 pack

Dynasty Genetics. - one of the ones I look at most. They have regs mostly. Not cheap but not that expensive. $100us per 11 Reg pack or less for 5 fem. they are usually sold out of stuff I want.

If u want IHG fems. Half packs are $100 USD for some strains like BCP.

that’s about all I know of right now.

Ethos I would recommend for fire but most of thier stuff is also expensive $150-200 a pack. Can’t remember if they have regs only or fems.

I am going to hold off buying any more seeds and watch the B Friday sales. Xmas. New Years etc. With any luck I don’t drop a hole whack on seeds.:nervous-guy:got my doubts tho :19:

Cheers guys :48:


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