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Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow


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G'mornin Sticky, Dank, Penny :48: Nice young'uns, stick. That pipe cleaning system sounds good. The solvent, iso maybe?will be the thing though. All it needs is a flow and screen system. I can only vape but I clean pipes and bongs for my honey. Stay safe and stay stoned.


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Good morning Sticky I love the patio. Looks like a pic out of a magazine. Did you lift it off the net... JK .... :D No really I dig it
lol good morning bud ya sunset mag no jk its a small backyard I just kept adding things through the years weve been in this house since 04 so its an on going thing quite a bit of it comes back every year which is nice there all loving the mega crop there getting its going to be 95 today the low last night 68 degrees the wq is reaching big time and the sun isn't even up yet thanks dank you have a good day brother stay out of trouble lol :)
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