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Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow


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Sheesh, they bred that Star Pupil to every old-school cut they could get, didn't they! :laugh2:

Sounds like another winner, too. :thumb: Loved the Goji.


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hey sticks. just passing by, good to see you doing your thing. :green_heart:
wtf where you been bud hell yes im still at it ill never quit lol so how you doing are you still at it duh well its good to hear from you are you still growing that woody old chemdog thanks for stopping by hope all is well in your world!:peace:


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good morning peeps its going to be 85 and sunny today so the plants are going to be happy. :)
got a few pics this morning.
first the uc babies a few more days in these cups then its into 2s with them see what they look like rite now they look almost the same!
then this uc reveg still plugging along slowly.
then the wq she is in full flower im going to start covering her give her some light dep get her moving faster then after harvest if theres enough time ill reveg and flower again in October that would be cool!


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thanks bud heading over to the veg garden and plant 2 jalapeno and a bell pepper that's it for this year got two tomatoes a zuccinni cucumber and a large mound of watermelon also theres two blue berry bushes a red grape and a concord grape that's it for this year not getting to excited going to concentrate on the other crop lol. :3:


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thanks dank its my little tiny lol piece of paradise I love sitting out there toking a little erb its my early morning and afternoon spot to hot during the middle of the day with this virus thing were not going anywhere so I have plenty of time to dial things in that concord grape up on the fence came from a 75 year old plant so its old growth lol I make grape jam every year yum.


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Impressive plants man and a helluva garden. Yeah, I'm still growing the old Chems, Diesels and Sour, and some new stuff. Right now I have Shantibabba's cut of SSH that won the 97/98 Canna Cups going on, she's just starting flower. Also was gifted the Chem 91 skva cut, which is looking dandy for a first run. Some Wedding Pie clones going too. Playing with some African Haze crosses, and some seeds coming up. Next if they come through will be Kyles Straw Cough cut, and the original Bubba Kush, which I've never grown before. Never a dull moment, always something new, having a blast man. Happy to see you are too :48:
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