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Still Going Strong After 2 Years 530W Micro Cab


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heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy fellow 420 peeps :Namaste:

its been a long time and i have missed this my grow never stopped i was just way to busy with my job that posting every time took to much.
but after i quit my job i got time to go back to some threats and enjoy writing about my grow. after growing NL for over 2 years i think it is time to do a new seed grow to have some other smoke. so i got some somango seeds after a friend of mine gave me some amazing somango bud and i wanted to grow this one 4 sure so now its the time to grow.

What strain is it?
Vision seeds Northern lights and royal queen seeds Somango XL

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
NL = Indica dominant What percentages? 80/20%
So = Indica dominant What percentages? 75/25%

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
the flower side of the cab contains the NL and these 6 plants are about 3 weeks from finishing
on the veg side there is one mom in the back ( the mom is bonsai and gets rood pruned once a grow and is 2.5 years old )
the others are the Somango's these come from seed and are growing for 3 weeks.

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or hydro?
using PLAGRON Grow mix
starting in 0,7 L pots stepping up to a 6,5L and flowering in 18 L grow bags (smart pots)
o and the mom is in a 6,5 L all her life

Size of light?
flower = 2x Mars hydro 100x3 180 watt actual draw + 150 watt HPS with EVSA boosted to 170w so 530w flower
veg = 2x 18w T8 florescent tube

Is it aircooled?
just the hps its in a mini cooltube

Temp of Room/cab?
controlled by thermostat 27 to 30 lights on dropping to 20 lights off

RH of Room/cab?
atm very low couse of the whether between 31 and 10% RH

PH of media or res?
PH of 6 averrage

Any Pests ?

How often are you watering?
when needed

Type and strength of ferts used?
currently using sulfos gold nuts. and i use lemon juice as PH down.

so sit back relax and follow how my NL are finishing up and my Somango adventure starts.
pics are going to follow up soon as my grow is lights out ATM
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so this is my veg side mom in the back and 2 somango's up front temp on veg side is 23c and RH of 40% butt taking clones and popping seeds is a 98% succes

and here are the flowering plants 6 of them but just 2 pots. Works out pritty nice. defoliated them yesterday took about a 10L bucket of leafs of them so the light will hit all spots. And there super stickie after de defol my hands collected so much cristals i could roll a joint from it. Now thats a threat after taking care for the girls.

i have the girls under high feed at 1200 ppm still for one week and than i will start flushing them.


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just did a last feeding on the NL they are fattening up super its been a time sinds i had buds this big cant wait till its on the scale...
but for now this will have to do

somangos are going good nice shape hope they will fill up the net fast

mom in the back is happy as well and is making a lot of new growth so i will take a lot of clones for next round maybe do 6 plants again xD and have some more to give to my dad and friends NL is such a easy plant to grow


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the first panel done only two of the led were burned this is the front panal so could get it easy and i coulded wait to lights on so i got it quick lucky i now my shit so i can do it in pitch black.

so for replacing the leds hook it up to power and find the broken once some are clearly broken and some just dont work i mark the broken once with a marker
after that get your soldering bold and a pinch and take it of.
i use a 9v battery to make sure the led works before i re attache it to the panel.
don't forget to put a dip of lithium past on the back otherwise it will burn out fast
make sure the + and - are correct LEDs only flow one way if the leds are not markt i tjeck it with the battery.
than solder it back in place and your done

its real easy and this will make it last for a long time and your abel to chance the spectrum of your pannel to your liking. I believe the other panel had a Lille more broken leds so i will do that after lights on this panel is hard to get to... All the way in the back xD


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just replaced all the leds and other panel had 12 broken and burned leds so that will chance alot

hope my girls like the extra new leds xD sure they do xD

temp atm stays at a happy 27c lights on and drops to 19c lights off and a RH of 20%.
i will start flushing as the next watering coms and i think i will harvest in 2 weeks or i really got to like how they look next week. But were now at 8 weeks of flower. According to vision seeds its time to harvest but i give them a lil more

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