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:bong: here's the situation i have two plants but i only have 3 150 watt hps bulbs if i'm correct that isn't enough for one but i don't know the one plant is 5 feet tall and real bushy looking the other one is about 24 inches the one that is 5 feet is huge but where all the bud sights are its really leafy and the buds aren't thick it looks thick but its mostly leaf the one that is a little over 2 feet there are less bud sights but the buds are thick and and less leaves and the leaves are frosty so i wanted to know what was wrong with the big one i dont know anything about growing this is my first time i just threw seeds in pots to see if it would grow and it did but if someone could help id appreciate it and if you need more details i can tell


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frosty is good, it's the little organs that make thc.

150W per plant hps is okay, 150W covers a 2ft by 2ft area about one plant. Keep them close to the tops of the plants, which will be hard with the two sizes. 12 inches to 18 inches from the tops


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How long they been in flower?
They are from the same seed, planted at the same time?
one is 5 ft. and the other is 24 inches?
Not sure I would bother with the Runt.

You got 3 lights at 150 each,
that's 450 total watts. Sounds like plenty to me.

watts have nothing to do with growing ganja...what you might of meant to say is lumens....

from what youve told me theres 2 plants? and dude 3 hps bulbs at that wattage is deffinately giving those 2 plants enough lumens for proper bud production...maybe the little plant is a little bit slower, some plants tend to take longer then others...just give it some time
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