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Stimulation Of Sphingomyelin Hydrolysis By Cannabidiol In Fibroblasts From A Niemann

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The hydrolysis of sphingomyelin in cells derived from a Niemann-Pick patient was studied using both a labelled precursor and measurement of endogenous levels. In vitro exposure of the cells to cannabidiol resulted in a large decrease in both the relative and absolute amounts of this lipid; the drug had a smaller effect on normal fibroblasts. Cannabidiol has been tested in the clinic as an antiepileptic agent with some success; our findings suggest that it may also be useful in relieving the symptoms associated with Niemann-Pick disease.

Source: Stimulation of Sphingomyelin Hydrolysis by Cannabidiol in Fibroblasts from a Niemann-pick Patient. - Medical Journals - Healia
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