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Stinks Strawberry Cough - Fox Farm Soil


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Hey all, hope everyone is good and safe. My meds are running low, so time to start up another operation to avoid going broke at the dispensary. What's new from last time? Well for one, i'm going back to dirt. I have not grown in dirt since my very first, and have become more interested in organic gardening. I also considered the risk of fire and electric shock with hydro, as well as cutting down on electricity with running all the pumps on it. I should be able to cut my grow down to a light, fan, inline duct booster and that's it. I may have to run my AC unit though if the 1000 watt heats up too much as well as intake fan. So hopefully less electricity, less chance of fire.

The second thing different about this grow is I am starting with clones gotten from the local co op. I have never started with clones, but this is the only way to fly. They are strawberry cough, I am not sure of the origins , whether or not it's dutch passion, kyle kushman or some other growers take on it, but they smell good so far.

Here is the summary and I will go into more details in the post and as teh grow goes along. Some variables may change.

What strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa mostly 80/20
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg at the moment, flowering in few days
If in Veg... For how long? not sure, was a clone , looks liek a few weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long? na
Indoor or outdoor?Indoor
Soil or Hydro?Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Perlite 60/40
If soil... What size pot? 8inch
Size of light? 1000 watt Hortilux HPS
Is it aircooled? If need be air conditioned, but trying to get away with fans
Temp of Room/cab? 70-82
RH of Room/cab? Not available yet, digging out equipment still
PH of media or res? Checking soon, FF soil should be good to start though
Any Pests ? Little nat/flys now - they usually disappear in a few weeks
How often are you watering? when soil is dry
Type and strength of ferts used? Non at the moment, prolly gonna add Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom in about 3 weeks.

Kicking things off with a smoke of some of my previous grow and Sour Diesel hash


Here are my clones I got a few days ago, I popped them under my aerogarden while I set stuff up. Strawberry Cough, Mmmm, sounds good.



Here is the soil, Fox Farm seems like good stuff. I mixed in some organic perlite (Not MG crap brand) and made a 60/40 soil/per mix. Good stuff and feels really airy.


The transfer


Old Hydro system and other lights laying around. Rainforest 66, a nice system ..




Woot , the grow closet! Wish I had more room, but working with what I got. Check out the homemade AC unit hehe , might or mightnot have to fire it up during the winter, will have to monitor temps. Grow babies grow.


Cooltube not being cooled lol. I will rig it up if need be to avoid firing up the air conditioner.





Not even 5 minutes after settling in, CAT ATTACK!!


Enjoy, more details and intro to come.


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Thx Screwnuts. The one that got attacked looks better now and has perked up. It's also showing signs of new growth everywhere and has straightened back up after the incident, as do all the clones.

I will get more pics on today when they wake up, not much of a difference prolly on camera though, but they are definately getting a little bigger , and faster. Right now my temps are around 82-88 which sucks though, today or tommorow gonna try the vents out and see how it works.

Though they are small, i am prolly gonna flowr them tommorow and see how it turns out. I have flowred similiar size clones before and gotten 3-4 tall bushes, so hopefully I will have the same luck and not what is more realistic.

What do you guys think of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom? Ive used big bloom on soil once, and have used Tiger Bloom for hydro when I couldnt get anything else. I am personally a big fan of fox farm and am already using teh soil so im thinking nutes to match, plus they are cheap for the basic 3 part.


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The fox farm nutes are made to work with their soil so hells yeah get em!:smokin: I am using them right now and they are BOMB!


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Yah I was thinking I'm gonna grab the Big Bloom for sure and use Guano Tea for flowering to keep it organic.

Well it's day 3 after transplanting them into the larger pots and better soil. The first time I ever grew, I used soil but nothing else. The mixture of perlite/fox farm seems to working good because it's growing at a faster pace. It is as fast as my aero system I would say , and I thought soil was supposed to be slow. Every few hours I check on the plants and litttle leaves have gotten bigger and lots of movement around new growth, this is how i know it's going fast hehe.

I guess organic was a good choice anyhow for this strain, I have heard they are nutrient sensitive, but I am yet to confirm if this clone is Dutch Passion or Kyle Kushman or some other take. My first plant turned out ok and I did not know what I was doing, only additive was Big Bloom from start to finish. It made some tasty buds, but not very big.

Here's a few pics , I am considering throwing them into flowering today or tommorow. I want my smallest plant to get a little bit bushier.



The Cat Attack victim doing better, perkier for sure and getting bushy as the branches develop




More to come, not sure if I am gonna let them sleep the first 12 hours today or tommorow, they are asleep atm. Shots are from this morning.


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Thx much for the chart Obleezy! Ive seen it before a couple times on the net, but never really looked at it. I'm thinking im gonna stick to Big Bloom and Gauno Tea for this grow and see how it goes.

ClarkKent- Thank you for your concern, but from all my previous experiences and how I do things, I usually get a pretty nice size bush outta a plant thrown into 12/12 around that size, especially clones. I'm pretty confident that I can pull over an ounce off of each plant, and I went into my last grow hoping for the same and came out with 9.5 ounces off of two plants. I have never gotten the x-mas tree bud plants to work, they always turn into pretty good size plants. Maybe light leaks? I usually shut off the lights on all my grows in teh room, let my eyes adjust and try to close off any tiny leaks i see, so I dont know. Maybe just TLC? : O I'll have to eat my words if for some reason these dont follow the paths of all the other grows.

Here are some pics, they have officially entered there first 12/12 sleep today this morning!






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Hey all, been in flwing for 48 hours now. After the first 12hour sleep, I went into my room afterwards to find that 2 of the plants had almost doubled in size in just 12 hours. Today I went in to check them out, and definately noticable growth, but no doubling in size this time. I had watered them the day before , I dont know if that had anything to do with them.

Speaking of watering, this is only my second dirt grow , and my first dirt grow was my first grow ever, so you know how that goes. I did alot of things wrong and never did a second one to correct my problems, I just moved onto hydro for years. Now considering alot of things, I switched back to dirt ( mostly changing the resevoir), and am learning alot as I go. Got all the basic knowledge on nutes, ph, lights, conditions ect down, but a few things puzzle me like - How Often Do I Water My Plants? -

Ive heard cannabis like dry periods, so how long should I wait after I notice the pots are light and dry? 24 hour, 48? I live in a dry area, so I will prolly have to water them a bit more than regular, but they seem to be just fine atm. Anyhow here's some pics.

Love little closet systems for some reason, though i'd also like to have a multi thousand dollar room, don't really want teh clean up and hazards of it.









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Ideally, you want to water them just at the point before they start to wilt from being too dry.

When the pots get light and the soil starts to pull away from the sides, they need more water.

If you go too long and notice mild wilting, it's not a tragedy, but try to get a feel for where that point is at and water accordingly.


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nice to see a fox farms ocean forest grow! im about to do the same... do you recommend it for the entire grow? have you tried it before? please let me know!

Heya healingK, thx for chiming in. I have tried Fox Farm soil once before on my very first grow ever. I just put it in the soil alone though, with nothing mixed in. It burnt my seedlings , but not too badly, and they all survived. I got pretty good results from it, the taste being the best. Depending on how these do, im considering selling my hydro system and keeping all the tool, soil just seems much more simple and relaxing not having to worry about PPM and PH every day. I also kinda like the way the soil makes my closet smell, and it's growth is almost as agressive as hydro with the perlite mix.


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I'm on my first grow, so have no comparison grows, but i'm using Fox Farm Happy Frog with perlite. The micorrhyzae are good critters, feed the roots, yeh know.

Heya Balm. Oh yah, I would have gotten some of that Happy Frog to mix in, but it was rather expensive and I do not veg for very long so I didnt think it was worth it. My plant will be root bound pretty soon anyhow I think, but thats ok because i don't want them to get big. That micorrhyzae sounds like good stuff, I will have to mix in a little bit next time if I can afford it. Was just reading up on it a little bit on FoxFarm home page.

Ocean Forest® Potting Soil
Good Things From the Earth and Sea
The ultimate potting soil–everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest sea-going fish and crab meal. Composted forest humus, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest® its light, aerated texture. Start with Ocean Forest® and watch your plants come alive!

Happy Frog® Potting Soil
Outrageous Organics from the Humboldt Nation
Your potted plants deserve the best. Their roots can't seek out nutrients in the ground, so you have to bring it to them. That's why Happy Frog® Potting Soil is alive with beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and feed the plant roots. Between the earthworm castings, the bat guano, and the composted forest humus, your container plants have never felt so good. And don't worry–FoxFarm uses only the highest quality, premium ingredients–no cheap fillers, no topsoil, no sludge. Never. We promise.

Anyhow, here's some pics of teh plants, 7 days 12/12 . They are stretching :yummy:




Maybe a little heat stress, I think the temps might spike to 85 for a hour or two a night, but 1000 watts of light helps compensate for the heat. More light = More heat you can get away with. Either way I want to get them down some, so I am gonna hook up the ventilation in a few days.


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Ok so time for an update:

I have been busy this weekend and have somewhat ignored my plants while in the process. The temps are still a bit high at 80 degrees near teh tops of plants, and I let them go without watering a day or so, though they showed no stress signs. There are 2 or 3 leaves around the bottom of one plant that seem not right, i'm not sure if it is lack of nutrients or nutrient burn lol. Other than that they are growing taller each day by just a little bit and branching off decently.





Damn, looks like im actually gonna grow a single plant that will stay within the stretching 2x to 3x rule ( the little basterd on right)

I was thinking the other day and wondering how long Fox Farm nutes should last. I have around 1.5 gallon pots i think, and it is 60/40 mix . I transplanted them 2 weeks ago when they were tiny clones ( pics above). They hav been in pots around 17- 18 days or so. Basically im trying to figure out whether that leaf burn is nute defiency or overabundance by a lil bit. what are ur guys thoughts?

-- On another note, the reason I was busy this weekend is I was out helping some people get their medical cards. I managed to get 3 people signed up this weekend who had legit medical reasons, and got them to sign me on as their caregiver :cheer: My number of legal plants increases x4 ! and my patients prefer edibles, so I know a doctor can prescriber you more plants, and i have read somewhere that you and your caregiver come to an understanding on your habbits and how much you need as well. This all technically breaks the law if u have over set limit, no one can say above the law, but there is a affirmative defense if u get raided for this cause and would be no biggy i think if u only had 1 or 2 extra flowering plants per patient to make up for edibles. I would also have much documentation and agreements with the patients on what I was doing for them all on record. One of them is a professional chef with the best deserts ever, so he wants to cook for himself and the others as a main souce of meds. So very good news here. What does this all mean? Time to go shopping!

So I have 3 patients now, soon to be 5. I gotta expand outta the closet as much as ive loved my little closet. It has served my needs well, and i have pulled more buds outta that closet than I would have ever expected, but it surely wont work for that many plants hehe. So the first plan is to move out into the extra room with closet, and ad more light. To add to the collection, we picked up a AK-47 clone and a Mango clone. We figure get a few more popular strains like Sour D ect and we'll be set for a lil bit. We purchased another 1000watt hps the other day with a cooled hood and enhanced spectrum bulb brand new for 350 cash no tax. I got a roll of IB roofing material to spread on the floor. This stuff is water proof, beyond tough, and pretty fire resistant. It just somewaht melts funny and smolders a bit, but takes ALOT of heat. We plan on getting teh second yeild master hood next weekend and running 2000watts in a 8x10 room. I would ideally want to run at least 2400, but I have to call an electrician over first to check my stuff out. Anyhow more pics and more details on room, this is just a little teaser hehe. Hopefully I will have the whole thing documented, but here are some pics .











What Is Best Plastic Sheeting To Create A Wall With For My Grow Room? Taking Ideas : ):439:
Can a smller house handle 2400 watts plus AC unit 6000btu window? Gotta get an electrician over


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Does anybody recognize teh leaf burn looking thing? Time for the first nutrients you think?


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Well's there teh update promise of the new room. We smoked a few bowls, drank a few beers and went to work. It turned out not too bad, we hung a wall with drop cloth and hooks to the rafters. Layed a mat down, and it was alot of work, but not really that hard. The temps spiked to 93 last night, so i gotta get the AC running today : ( which sucks.This a rough draft, all the duck tape will be reinforeced with more duct tape or screws lol. The wall pretty much light proof, way less bright then a dark moon.. Anyway i'll let the picks speak for themselves, info would be appreciated.

10 x 6.75 room.


















1400 more watts and Air Conditioning to come!
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