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Stockton Medical Marijuana Advocates Want More Dispensaries

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Dorothy Hillbrant, 72, knows a lot about pain. She's battling ovarian cancer and hates taking pain killers.

"They just make you constipated and you're miserable and you're addicted. And I don't want to be addicted," Hillbrant said.

So she's turned to medical marijuana to help her get out of her wheelchair and back on her pink tricycle.

Currently, there's only one dispensary allowed to operate in Stockton. Medical marijuana advocates have a new initiative to allow four dispensaries and cultivators in the city, but the group has to get 6,000 signatures first.

The city council can then vote on it to automatically be law or it will go onto the ballot in November.

Dispensaries and cultivators would be taxed up to five percent. A percentage of that money would go to law enforcement and after-school youth programs.

"It's here anyway and there's nothing you can do about it being here, so might as well profit from it legally," Stockton resident Peggy Eldringhoff said.

"If you medically need it, I'll support it," Stockton resident Paulette Harrison said.

The signatures must be collected by the end of April to get the measure on the November ballot or organizers will have to wait two years for another opportunity.

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