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Well, after being on the newsletter mailing list for quite some time now, I decided it was time to register and make an introduction on the forums.


My name is Jacob, and I'm addic-- wait, scratch that, I'm in love with marijuana.

I'm 19 and I attend school at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.
When I have free time away from my lovely girlfriend and school obligations, I like to hike, rock climb, play video games, design state-of-the-art web pages (which I've been doing since I turned 11), listen to Sublime, and toke.

I've been smoking ganja since 8th grade, and I've never stopped enjoying it.
Of course, after smoking for some many years and not being able to afford good dank, my high has been getting more and more mellow, and it's taking me a lot more green to get high.

Anyway, hey to all of my fellow pothead brothers and sisters!
I look forward to getting a bit involved around this place, and getting to know you all a little better. :)

Smoke two joints! :joint::joint:

:peace: & Love,

(By the way Administrators, where is the love or heart emoticon?! You need one!)
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