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Sometimes when I go out to smoke a joint, I walk towards a nearby shopping center that has a nice little patio that makes a good chill spot.

However, the other night it was a little cold out so instead of walking, I drove. I parked in the parking lot and then took a seat on the patio. I smoked my joint in peace and had a good relaxing time. I took a few pictures and walked around the area. When my joint was finished, and I was feeling a good buzz, I walked home like I always do.



Holy fuck I'm such a stoner. lol. I drove there and walked back. I left my truck in the parking lot like an idiot. The next morning, my stepdad and I were about to leave to buy my mom a xmas present. He says to me, "James, where's your truck?" For about 3 seconds, I had no idea. Then I had to tell him some dumb shit and we went and picked it up.

Has anybody else done something stupid like this?

Anything that might be considered a "stonerism"
Man I've done shit like that, lots of times. Nothing as big as a truck though, lol. That's crazy stuff. Good times man.
dude thats fucking hilarious one time i got realy lost on my way home from just down the street and couldnt find where i was for like 15 mins
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Hahaha! I've put a lit joint in my pocket before. I just decided that it was time to go inside, so I put it in my pocket. Instead of reaching in to pull it out, I just pressed it hard against my leg to put it out. It burned liek a bitch
benny h said:
dude thats fucking hilarious one time i got realy lost on my way home from just down the street and couldnt find where i was for like 15 mins

THAT happened to me just a little while ago. I just came back from a crazy stoner adventure. So i'm blazin a big blunt and a small joint in my car, windows up, have the radio on. I'm feelin good. I turned left onto a road, and a long road it was too. So I thought I knew where I was going, took a turn here, went straight for a while, found myself on an unfamiliar road, so I went a different way, and that's when everything just went to shit. I was gettin so pissed off, and I don't remember where this was, but at one point, I saw a sign that said I was entering Hays county, which is where I live. I didn't know where I was, but I knew I had gone far. So I just kept driving straight for a while until I came to a sign that pointed toward the town I live in, so I went that way, and that was a good 18 mile drive. CRAZY SHIT. Made my high real trippy, not knowing where I was. Good times :D
I was waiting for some guy who was gonna hook me up and i was playin with my lighter and i saw some cops and put my hands in my jacket pocket then lit my lighter while it was in my pocket and burned the hell outa my jacket
i light my lighter in my pocket all the time... i just dont hold down the gas for long.
i went downstairs 3 times like night to get a lighter.

the first time i ended going outside and smoking a cigerette
the second time i got a cd of the kitched table.
third time i ate 3 ham sandwiches, and THEN remembered i needed the lighter.
A couple years ago my friend and I were getting stoned and watching movies, and we ordered a pizza. I put the empty box on the stove. A few minutes later I went for a cigarette, but couldn't find a lighter, so I decided to light it on the stove. Well, I turned on the gas, and bent down to get it going..puff puff, start walking back into the other room and smelled something burning..Duuuh..I didn't even notice the box was covering half the burner I'd lit my cig on...I freaked out and threw the flaming box out the back door into the snow. That was close..
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that's burnt flesh my man