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**Pictures to come in 12-24 hours when I track down the camera**

Phew well hey everyone been a long minute since I have posted on here, started qualifying year at my local university and things got super busy real fast. I got into the mechanical engineering department for second year after everything so come September the posts will decline again. I never stop growing always got something going lol and a lot has changed since my last posts, I decided to start picking up some stuff to put a better rdwc system together over time and now have a few things hehehe.

-Chiller as my temps are always a problem 26-28 before pumps moving stuff around
-large storage bin to hold extra water and keep my buckets topped up if I want (not using atm)
-bluelab guardian connect and the connect stick
-the things that keep water from being all over my tent such as buckets, pipe, silicone and other random stuff like great white

So ya always been playin around but no time to update however I have been lurking on occasion (can't just forget about 420mag!!) I now have 4 plants after finishing a very nice 3. Half the girls are in my rdwc and the other 2 are in soil and I want to fill my 4x4 tent am going to fill my 4x4 tent.

Blue Dream (Canuck Elite strain)
-8 week flowering but I go by how she looks
-Genetics are a Cheese x Blueberry

Wedding Cake (Canuck Elite strain)
-Indica Dominant
-8 or 9 week flowering but I go by how she looks
-Genetics are GSC x Cherry Pie

Afghan Hash (Canuck Elite strain)
-8 or 9 week flowering but I go by how she looks
-Genetics say she's a Landrace Afghani

White Widow (Canuck Freebie)
-Sativa dominant
-54 day flowering but who listens to this as more of a starting guess
-Genetics say Indian/Brazilian so idk what to say

2 Mars TSL-2000's which are a 300 watt qb's, these lights are white not purple and extremely bright love them except to adjust the brightness you have to stick something way into the drivers where you can't see. I built these into a 4 x 4 light as they say 2 x 4 in flower

also some florescents and a little dinky blurple with some reds available to me if needed

4 x 4 grow tent idk the brand non sponsor just cheap got 2 high CFM fans and a carbon I never used as it is legal here and I never smelled a deadly rank odor outside (vent all exhaust air out there). IDK what to say about it you have seen many it's identical to every one I see on here that is not homemade. My corner oscillating mini fan is no longer oscillating and I need to start it manually after plugging it in but it pushes air "reliably" after lol

I bought ProMix HP with mycroryza but it was way too hot for the baby plants and I forgot to check till late got some burnt edges and one is being slow idk if the nutes gave a shock or slow and my other media is water.

I am finishing my fox farms trio Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom on the soil plants.
I am using AN ph perfect sensi AB grow, cal mag, and a tea I make from voodoo juice and great white with added molasses (This is a Heisenberg tea recipe but I am hesitant to use the EWC in a sock to the tea as I go hydro and don't want the dirt later if you have experience please take a bean bag chair and pitch in your opinion) I have more things like silica/bud candy just not using but will in the grow.

pH meter so that I can make sure the nutes are effective.
I have a Carlson Micro-Brite 60-100x LED magnifying thing.
all RO water with all the plants

Shit I am baked and prolly running on but the rdwc girls were going slow her roots hit the water and instead of picking up the roots went a weird color not like rot but like idk dead so I decided either voodoo is not great on it's own or I am not breeding the bacteria before using so I made bene tea and omfg the roots blew tf up overnight, I will get photos of course. thought they were picking up and also wanted to top so they been topped once, soil girls the cake got a top as was tall and thick but is moving slow currently at 4 colas, blue dream is a honest dream she been topped a couple times and loved the hot soil you would not believe she was planted with the rest and is a table with 20+ growth tips.

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Imma post a couple pics from the last grow so you have something to get your interest


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Ok well back two are soil and on the left is Wedding Cake and on the right is Blue dream; in the front we have a lovely rdwc system with the White Widow freebie on the left and Afghan Hash on the right. While topping the BD I cut off a growth tip on the very bottom but last second decided to stab it in a rockwool block to try get it to root ( had a extra preconditioned one from a old seed that didn't grow ) so that is in the bag luckily my floor is warm. Bondage began on all but Cake and I am only waiting for her soil to dry out so she gets a lil softer but for some reason she is not drinking hardly anything and hasnt seen water in a while but is heavy and growing slow.


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Thank you so much Sauga it feels weird to read journals and not have one. I am loving your perpetual I got a bit baked somewhere in the middle; but I look foward to having people to share with again.

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So the rdwc has done a thing and I am happy, week ago the ph wanted to drop after settling at 5.8 after rez change and were not looking great chart said change the rez but that was 24 hour prior so I was not sure. Do some research and learn some very fancy things about the ion carges between the solution and the root surfaces as well as some fun research into microbial activity in the rez. long story short started using teas for microbes and bene's and now 48 hours later and ph is going up ec is going down and the roots are lush. Today I warmed up 500ml of tea to wake the microbes and poured all over root crown of slower lady in water. Super impressed!! :lot-o-toke:

Side note
The pic up there with the coke can is a clone of a Sour Diesel I planted but was growing funny so I had a friend grow her out well (she put in overtime to show me up after I put her up for adoption) and I got some clones back grew them out; got a half pound off 2 plants only lst on some clones. she is really good smoke it is what I am smoking now.

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So today the ppm has continued going down very slow but I have like 10 gallons of water in rdwc, temp is extremly stable like I got a equation of the slope from the log data and it was like 0.00000013 lol, ph is now on the up it was 5.8 yesterday I am going to bring it back down at 6.2-6.3 I guess?? (input gratefully accepted). That is how I vent exhaust air and to my surprise it went through a Canadian winter without letting in any draft or cold air and was a success in my books. Next, my temp and humidity controllers top number is actual bottom is what I am asking it for; and then the ladies, they generally are looking fine even the blue dream darkened its growth tips with a feed at 1.9 EC (very close to the first run off I recorded from the soil and the plant was loving it) However, the WW or left in rdwc is looking different and I do not know if I was too baked when pouring root inoculating tea over her crown from above (too baked no but maybe a little sloppy?) tea has a ppm of 350 or EC 0.7 and the roots are going nuts for it so it will continue except eventually wont top feed the tea. Finally, dem roots.


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Hmm I have been looking into that but did not want to bother asking about it so in my gallery on my page add them one by one or all at once and add subtitles one by one?

Is this the right place?


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add them one by one or all at once and add subtitles one by one?
I'll add as many images as I can. The I cut and paste the plant names if I have more than one pic. So I can have several pics that say Pineapple Express in the image title and then add a description into each one. If I add a tag called Pineapple Express I can search my images for any tag that has pineapple express and those images will appear.

If I have many images I try and cut and paste so I work on all the Pineapple Express first and then work my way through the list. Some find it useful, others may not.
Either way you want to do it is acceptable and we can work our way through.

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I will be using the gallery I like that it breaks the photos up with a textbox making it easier to put more words in between but to make sure I understand I can add more then 1 picture with the exact same name? i was using numbers to make different names lol


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Yes, under the Title you can use the same name. The page displays the filename originally in the title box. That can say the same thing for all the titles of the images you are uploading. I tend to use Pineapple Express #1 etc if I'm trying to display particular plants, else I just use the same name for multiple images of the same plant.

There's two libraries. One says Member Libraries and one says Off Topic. Only use the off topic one for images that are non related to cannabis, such as a pic of your pet. They are all contained in one location but stored differently for google reasons.

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So I thought that I would share a couple pictures of my ducting and plumbing and stuff.

Also I am just mind blown by this tea so I thought everyone had to know what I put in (it was found on google but eh why not share it)

And I am trying to look at the growth of the roots especially the WW as she was a little slow so why not do a photo drop lol

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