Stop smoking start vaping!

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"A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC."

VAPING - 46%


Enough said.


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I always assumed that the heat of combustion was high enough to convert THCA to THC. I understand that what actually burns is lost - but when someone inhales, they are (repeatedly) drawing hot air through the entire remainder of the joint.

Personally, I would love to vaporize 100% of the cannabis that I inhale. I just cannot seem to get high that way. And, while I appreciate the pain-relieving qualities of cannabis very much, all of that would be useless to me if I was unable to get my head straight once in a while. I mean... Sure, I can fill one of my vaporizers, sit there and go at it until nothing is left but burnt-popcorn flavored ABV, and maybe feel... something up there. But I can get roughly the same affect when someone hands me a loosely filled one-hitter bat (I never could stand to have my ears pop from trying to get a hit from one of those #@%! things, and all my acquaintances know my feelings about this, so if someone hands me one, it will definitely not be packed). And then, since that amount would be just a fraction of what the vaporizers hold, I would have the option to take several more hits ;) .

Could it have something to do with my very decreased lung function? Possibly, IDK.

Could I be "doing it wrong?" Also possible, I suppose. But I have tried both coarse and fine grinds, both slow and fast inhales, and several temperature settings. The best experience I ever had, vaping, was with the first one I ever tried - which was a Vapor Genie wooden pipe. But that thing could cause me to go through a full-sized Bic lighter in about two days, lol, and it turned out that when I was actually getting pretty high on it... I was heating the contents up enough to burn it. So... IDK?

I do feel that vaping (vs. combusting) has the potential to be much healthier for me, for all the obvious reasons. However, I end up going through so much product trying to feel good that I end up feeling BAD. And then I run out quicker, and it turns out that I only thought I was feeling bad before.


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Results of studies at Weasel's house show an average 43% increase in highness when smoking pot as compared to vaping it. Whereas, vaping consumed up to 78% more pot overall, converting it into mysterious brown 'vape poo' of very dubious worth.


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I end up smoking my vaped product. I don't know that it does anything for me, but it does give me something to smoke when I'm out of cannabis and not wanting to - or too poor to - smoke a cigarette or filtered little cigar.

And it might just be the decades of having smoked cannabis talking, but I prefer the taste of bud when I'm smoking it to when I'm vaping it.

I don't suppose (any of) my views/experiences/etc. are representative of the general cannabis-using population. I have a really bad err... habit of consuming whatever I've got, quickly. Someone knew I was down a while back and gifted me a little bit of bud. Much of it went almost as fast as tobacco would when I'm not actively trying to rip that monkey off my back. If it ever happens again, I'm going to try to remember to separate it (however much "it" would hypothetically end up being, lol) into portions first thing, and putting most of it out of sight, then trying to make each portion last as long as possible. Instead of hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, phone is ringing? Hello? Just a second (hit, hit, hit). Yes? Oh, okay, thanks for calling. I wanted to- wait, just a second (hit, hit, hit). Are you there? Sorry, I'm eating and a piece of rice must have went down wrong. What? No, that's all ri-- wait, sure, call me back later. Bye. Hit, hit...

Thank goodness this stuff isn't addictive, or I'd end up going through a lot of money that I haven't even had for 20+ years.

I go through lighters pretty quickly, because I'll light a cigarette, drag/drag/drag NO, I'm trying to at least cut down, better put it out. Light it back up, drag/drag/drag NO! Rinse/lather/repeat. One day I think I had three "cherries" burning in the ashtray from doing this so rapidly :rolleyes3 . Be healthier to just drop the thing into the ashtray and let it burn. Then I'd end up getting to smoke less of them.

edit: The thread title reminded me... I used to be hooked up with this chick, great girl but kind of (no, not kind of ;) ) mental. We'd end up in a rush to do something / go somewhere / etc. and she'd be turning back and forth like in a kind of exaggerated high-speed twitch, the adrenaline probably pouring through her system but the brain all akilter and not giving the body coherent instructions. I got to yelling, "Stand still look pretty!" when that happened. (Because I happen to be a very well meaning, but very sarcastic, @sshole?) She got pretty mad the first few times, but after that she started freezing in place, holding it for a few seconds, then dissolving in laughter. <SHRUGS> It seemed to help, lol. Anyway, that's the memory my mind dredged up when I first saw the title of this thread. Thanks for that, it was a better time in my life.