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Stop thinking of cannabis as a drug

Sister Vee

Stop thinking of Cannabis as a drug...

Right now around the world there is a tremendous amount of confusion about the Cannabis situation. Some people act as though it is completely legal. Marketing and selling their products all over the internet and organising conferences for medical doctors and pharmacists so they may now become educated on The Endocannabinoid System (The EC System) or The THC Receptors as we have always called this system. Dispensaries are being raided in places where Cannabis is supposed to be 'legal'.

There are high profile court cases around my own country which claim to want to free this plant from prohibition and give our people medical freedom. Our own government have appealed certain constitutional rulings. This tells us that our government does not agree that adults should be allowed to possess, consume and cultivate Cannabis in the privacy of our homes.

When we look at what is happening in America right now the dream of legal Cannabis Medicine seems to be filled with false freedoms and from where ii am sitting it sure looks like their leaders are playing a big game with the people and it seems certain that the rest of the world will follow suite.

So in this same world people are still being arrested for possessing and growing this plant in the privacy of their homes.

Right now my biggest personal struggle is to find someone to help me to get all Cannabis inmates released immediately pending outcomes of these high profile cases. Truly this is a burning issue for me when ii think that we are all walking around 'free' and if we get arrested we can then apply for a stay of prosecution while the courts battle things out. But in the meantime 1000 people a day are being arrested in South Africa for Cannabis and most of these people are members of Rastafari communities where families have now been divided because a Brother or Sister became another statistic of a targeted program. It is the Rastafari people who brought us this medicine in the first place. As ii always say truly there really ought to be a world-wide moratorium on all anti-Cannabis laws and ii cannot understand why we are not applying more pressure to the people who make these laws...the people we put in power.

So it has become blatantly obvious that the only way the governments of this world intend for you to obtain Cannabis Medicine is via the pharmaceutical industry.

Remember ii have told you before that in order for a medicine to be 'approved' it has to have side effects...which means it has to be altered.

Plants cannot be patented...therefore their active compounds have to be altered...this is all by law...

This is also why so many synthetic Cannabis products are being recalled due to adverse side effects because the action of the man- made THC is much much stronger than in the whole herbal plant and this is why people suffer from increased blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety and even seizures...this is also why so many patients suffer from suicidal thoughts. This type of side effects, you will never EVER find when using whole herbal Cannabis plant material at the dosage prescribed by a Health Care Practitioner.

You see, in the natural whole herbal plant THC acts as a partial agonist of the CB1 receptors whereas with synthetic man made 'thc' products they work as FULL agonists...this is not the way the Creator intended for this medicine to work but as usual in the name of profit we can see man trying to act like God.

There are many different definitions of the word 'drug'...Cannabis is not one of them.

So in medical terms they say that a drug is any substance which alters the physiology of the body so that really makes sugar and caffeine the number one 'drugs' on earth and you can clearly see the effects in society.
Please let us break away from semantics and accept that 'drugs' are man-made substances and herbs are God made substances.

You are designed to consume Cannabis...

The people who demonise Cannabis often refer to it as 'devils lettuce' or 'mountain cabbage' so let me just ask you this:

Do you have an endo-lettuce or endo-cabbage system in your body???

NO...you don't...not even vegans have such a system...no one has such a system...but we all do including animals and fish and birds...for goodness sakes even the jelly fish has an Endocannabinoid System.

For those of you who need science to prove what you believe in...these are all scientific facts which science took hundreds of years to deliver to you when we always knew that we were designed to consume Cannabis. But please just know that humans did not just wake up in the early 1990's suddenly expressing the EC System...ii promise you on my own life that you and your ancestors have always had the THC Receptors.

Humans have been using Cannabis Medicine for over 5000 years and this is also a scientific fact.

Cannabinoid Deficiency is another scientific fact and you can look at "Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD)"...yes they have even labelled a condition to tell you that you are at risk of Cannabinoid Deficiency so here is more 'scientific proof' that you are designed to consume Cannabis.

It really blows my mind that they tell us about this deficiency but at the same time we are forbidden by law to produce our own medicine and what really blows my mind is that we blindly accept this.

This has to change and it starts with the way we think. It is ridiculous that we are forced to consume man made unnatural medicine when we could easily grow our own in our gardens.

Ezekiel 34 verse 29

"And I will raise up for them a plant of renown and they shall no longer be consumed with hunger in the land, nor bear the shame of the heathen anymore".​

It is my personal belief that this Plant of Renown is in fact God, Jesus, The Creator, Spirit, Source and Mother Nature...all of them...expressed in a plant.

Why else would Babylon work so hard to keep us away from this plant?
This is the same plant referred to in The Revelation as the "tree of life"...the plant is God and this is why Cannabis is the Human Companion Plant.

Many will argue that we are not to create imagery of God in false idols and ii agree with the Second Commandment however...to worship a plant is taking idol worshipping a bit far...don't you think...it's almost as ridiculous as me suggesting that the Cannabis Plant is God and yes God is androgynous being male and female.

One thing ii have learnt in my life is that whatever we are looking for in life, we should look within because this is where the answers lie...every single time...

My whole life ii have been searching for the biblical Ark of the Covenant because ii am obsessed with God's Laws. My Master and many Elders believe that The Ark is held protected in Ethiopia under a hill but ii have now discovered that The Temple is actually our brain which contains The Ark of the Covenant, The Law of God, it is enclosed in our heads and ii guess this is why we are instructed to write the laws on our foreheads and forearms being our thoughts and actions respectively. If you read 1 Kings 6 and indulge your imagination you will see that this anonymous author is speaking about the human brain.

God's wisdom is not our wisdom and if God can hide The Ark so well it would not be outside of my imagination that God manifests Himself as a plant. If you can believe that John was Elijah then ii can believe that God lives through the Cannabis plant because in all honesty when ii look around especially in nature ii do see YAHWEH in absolutely everything.

In fact ii would go so far as to say that Cannabis is the Feminine Face of God.

So yes just as so many people have made money 'their god' so too there are people who have made Cannabis a parallel of their God...a parallel for health...a parallel to solve most of life's problems...a parallel of life itself.
When we consume Cannabis our Chakras open and this brings us closer to our Source, Spirit, Creator, God and for me personally and for many other religions not just Rastafari, Cannabis is a Holy Sacrament.

It is a true story that in South Africa Cannabis prohibition was first gazetted as a tool to control the Indian slaves brought over to work in the sugar plantations...they figured if they took a man's sacrament away they could control this man.

There is more information available on Cannabis Medicine than there is on any pharmaceutical treatment and it seems that the biggest problem for Babylon with this medicine is that when working with whole herbal plant extract there are no negative side effects and in fact the biggest side effect is feeling better.

We know what Cannabis can do for us and now we know that Cannabis has a consciousness of its own proving that The EC System is the biological bridge between physical, mental and spiritual health.

Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary lists the word "sorcery" as word #5332 and informs us that it is then translated from the original Greek word "Pharmakon". The definition given as follows:

"a drug i.e. a spell-giving potion, a druggist or pharmacist, a poisoner."

So in my opinion this is exactly what pharmacists do...they deal in dangerous and poisonous drugs.

The only connection between 'drugs' and Cannabis is that through prohibition ordinary people are forced to seek out drug dealers to obtain a herb which they could grow in a pot on their window sill for free. This is exactly how Cannabis becomes a 'gateway drug' by keeping it illegal and sending young people straight into the drug dens and this is how they are introduced to serious drugs.

The first mention of the word "medicine" in the Bible is in Proverbs 17 verse 22

"A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine"​

So if medicine and drugs are the same thing, then why would God state in Revelation 18 verse 23 "For by thy sorceries (pharmacea) were all nations deceived"

Cannabis is not a drug
Stop thinking of Cannabis as a drug​
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